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Exciting news for the Tejano, Tex-Mex, and Vallenato diatonic 3-row players!

Now all the 31-button Hohner SqueezeBox apps for iPad play in all five tones: GCF (Sol), FBbEb (Mi), EAD (Mi), ADG, and BbEbAb and have new reverb effects!

No need anymore to purchase multiple apps for different tones!

I wanted to make sure to take good care of my loyal customers for all these years, so when you update any of these apps tonight (the new version is 5.1.4 for all the apps) you'll get all the tones.

Don't currently have the iPad SqueezeBox app? Buy any of the apps going forward and you'll get all the tones in whichever app you buy. No in-app purchase, no upsell. Buy one app, get all five tones. Forever.

When you run the new app, just touch the new mixer icon on the upper right of the screen to bring up the new settings screen where you can select your tone and control volume and reverb effects for a fresh new sound!

Each app will initially open to the version you first purchased, and you can then pick any of the other tones from the settings page.

Don't worry, the GCF app still has the GCF song tabs (didn't want to take them away).  :-)

Have fun and please post lots of great ratings and reviews!

Here's the new settings screen where you can pick your tone and control the volume and reverb settings:


I may do something similar in the future for the three 34-button Xtreme apps. 

I hope you enjoy the new apps!

Cheers and thanks,



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Nice!  Great move Michael!

I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. -Romans 7:15

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You're most welcome!

I'm doing the same thing for the three iPhone versions, GCF, FBbEb, and EAD. They will now all have all three tones and a nice new reverb sound with new controls.

Just waiting for Apple to review the submissions, should be out by Feb 20th.
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