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Hi y'all,

I could use your help.

We're trying to decide if supporting the larger phones was a good idea and maybe we should have just restricted the apps to Android tablets.

I really wanted to put the full button keyboard on the larger phones rather than have mini vs. full versions like I did for iOS. On iOS the iPhone screen was just too small (even the iPhone 5) to put all the buttons on the screen, so I built the mini versions with the shift feature.

I figured that on the larger screen Android phones, it would totally work to have the full set of buttons, since they would be at least as big as the mini version buttons on iOS.

What we've found is that all of our negative reviews so far that have been from users with Samsung Galaxy S3 phones, which I think is the smallest screen we had hoped to support.

I'm hoping that the following two changes/bug fixes in the app will make it easier to play on the S3:

We're updating the app to make it easier to play on the smaller devices by offering the option of a "widescreen" mode that will fill the screen and make the buttons a bit bigger.  It will stretch things a big, but really gives a lot more space for the buttons.

We also found a really annoying bug in the button touch region detection that fixes an issue where you touch the buttons and nothing happens. Just a minor difference between the Android and iOS code that will be fixed in the next update. In iOS no matter where you touch in the button area, you'll be playing a button, in Android, it looks like we have boxes around the buttons for the touch detect, so if the hardware happens to find your touch between buttons, nothing happens. Definitely a problem, we'll fix it.

Regarding the audio latency and playing speed on some platforms. We can't do anything about that. There's a good reason why there aren't a lot of good instrument apps on Android. We're doing the best we can, and a lot depends on the device's speed and which version of Android you have.  Faster CPU and the latest Jellybean version of Android is best. Probably newer tablets are better than the older phones. It's not like iOS where you know that every device will be the same and that there's only a handful of devices to support.  The alternative was to either make the system requirements so high that we'd only have a handful of users, or to just not even try to do Android versions of the apps.

The good thing about Android is that you can buy the app, try it out for up to 15 minutes, and if you don't like it, return it and get your money back.  I'd far prefer that you just return it if it doesn't work on your device rather than have you post a bad review. If you do return it, please let me know what device you tried it on.

Does anyone on the forum have the app running on a more recent Android tablet?  I'd love to hear from you as far as how it's working.

David, my Android developer, is finishing up the next set of updates (version 1.2) with the fixes and we hope to push it to the Google Play store by November 10th.  If you have been thinking about getting the app, you might want to wait until the update is available to try it out.

Cheers and thanks,


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