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 bajo cuarto
 bajo cuarto good (interesado en bajo cuarto) 0 0%
 not interested in bajo cuarto (ningun interes en un bajo cuarto) 10 100%
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Gold Member
Registered: 01/20/11
Posts: 320
what do you guys think of the bajo cuarto? please post your opinion
porfavor de dejar su opinion sobre el bajo cuarto


Registered: 11/16/11
Posts: 55
I think it's stupid.. Honest opinion

Registered: 12/18/11
Posts: 48
I think there pretty cool I played one a couple months ago

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Platinum Member
Registered: 06/22/05
Posts: 837
You cant even bajiar on it stupid idea! imo too each there owe but i would never respect someone playing one.
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Registered: 11/16/11
Posts: 55
Next thing you know there's gonna be a Bajo tercero Lmao pinches mamadas!!

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Silver Member
Registered: 03/09/09
Posts: 284
Check out Marcos Montana playing his bajoquinto. No "A" string so it's a bajo quarto.  But no, I also have no interest in a bajoquarto.


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Silver Member
Registered: 01/19/10
Posts: 219
I think it just takes away from what the instrument was originally meant to be.  I know times change, and most people use quintos instead of sextos, but some thing just shouldnt be messed with. 

Taking out those two extra strings is like removing the other side of reeds from an accordion, you need them to get the full sound intended.

Just my opinion, I'm sure they look great, play great and sound awesome, but I dont think they'll catch on.

Elite Member
Registered: 04/22/08
Posts: 1,006
I don't think Max Baca would like a bajo missing the 5th and 6th strings.  Him and David make it sound like it's a full band out there.

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Silver Member
Registered: 07/24/10
Posts: 104
I know some people might use the cuarto, but I personally think it's an entirely pointless idea. The point of the bajo sexto/quinto is to be able to combine bass and chords (that's where the "bajo" part comes from). If you can't even do that, then it's just a limited guitar knockoff. Get a guitar or a bajo, or go home.

Despite owning one myself, I'm even kind of against the idea of the quinto! I can understand that it's easier for some people to play, but I think that if you can, you should go sexto. It's a shame that the sexto is almost extinct nowadays... I think it's the superior instrument.

Registered: 08/26/12
Posts: 29
I think a bajosexto or bajoquinto are just fine.making a bajocuatro its gona change the instrument to much its gona lose the true bajo sound and look

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Silver Member
Registered: 11/14/08
Posts: 186
te limita mucho, las cuerdas grabes con sus octabas son las del sonido mas bonito

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Silver Member
Registered: 09/01/10
Posts: 134
I recently visited the shop in East LA and I did try out the fellas I have to tell you I am a quinto man at heart and always will be but this guitar was nice. It had nice weight I was much faster on the frets and the sound was tight, full and LOUD. IN TOTAL THERE ARE 8 STRINGS WHICH SOME OF US PLAY LIKE THAT AS IT IS but if this guitar had F holes I might buy it. The action was nice with the strings very low and the neck being narrower but it did still have that original norteno sound. Just fyi.

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Gold Member
Registered: 07/30/05
Posts: 463
Ágil y agradable sonido.

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Elite Member
Registered: 03/09/05
Posts: 1,317
I am not quite sure what to think of the Cuarto. It might lead towards a new type of Conjunto or Norteno sound remember HYPHY? In my opinion the guy in the video is an awesome player he has excellent finger control, agility and speed but I do not believe that his style would  complement what most consider tradional Conjunto/Norteno because it is way to busy and will collide with accordion and bass.
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Registered: 04/13/09
Posts: 2,660
Candelas bajo cuatro is a bit difrent
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