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Compre un oscar schmidt suena muy bien y la accion esta bajita nadamas que le cambie las cuerdas y enpeso a trastiar y me dijeron que aveces salen mal por ser de fabrica.. algunos de ustedes an calado oscar schmidt??y quisiera saber que otra marca anda en el mercado que no sea muy alto en costo pero sea bueno para enpesar.

I bought an oscar schmidt bajo sexto about 6mnths ago. It started out good , sounded nice and action was low. I changed out the strings to ghs and after about a month it started to buzz so i took it to a local music store and was told that the frets were irregular .and that some of those bajos come out bad since they are factory made. Has Any body on here expierence this before? I also want to know wich bajo out there are good to start out with that arent high priced?

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bro I would get in touch with Oscar Schmidt to see what if any is their warranty. si es que no tienen entonces te recomiendo los h.jimenez de hohner I have one of those y me salio Bueno I had a problem with one que se le estava levantando el Puente I sent it back to hohner and they sent me a replacement excellent customer service bro. the action is reasonably low and comfortable to play the only problem I have with mine is that the neck, frets seems to have lifted a bit at about the 12th fret after about 6 months on the replacement bajo they sent me. I was told that sometimes its normal for it to happen to guitars out here in las vegas due to the extreme climate changes I am going to put a small shim under the saddle and that ought to do it but other than that no complaints. personally I use candelas strings and an emg pick up and it sounds great. hope this helps.  
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