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Any plans of developing a 5 switch app? I love all the Corona II apps that I have, but I would love to have a 3rd low reed to jam some Pesado and Intocable jams.

Click yes if you would buy a 5 switch app!


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So, the request is for a third LMM reedbank to go along with the M and MM banks?  The way the app is structured, can't really do a full 5 bank simulation, but could possibly add an additional dedicated LMM bank in the future. No promises, but just trying to understand the feature request.

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Yes.  That's it.  Basically adding what is sometimes referred to as the "Bassoon" reeds.  There are quite a bit of Latin genres that use this configuration...very popular.  

A Corona III N is as follows (corrections requested since I don't own one):

Switch 1: L

Switch 2: LM

Switch 3: LMM (Master)

Switch 4: MM

Switch 5: M

This app could stand on its own.  All keys combos and different colors.


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