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El Aeroplanito (Redova)

Special thanks go to Carlos Jesus (carlosjesus51) for his youtube video of the song.
I created this tab from his video.

Let me know if there are any mistakes or amendments required.
I would recommend listening to the song to get the timing correct.

    Lower case key (for example c7) is a short / grace note used to make a hammer-on sound.
    {   }    =    curved brackets - TRILL or TRIPLET those notes or play them fast.
    t        =    next to the keys means to TRILL those notes.
    tp        =    next to the set of keys mean to TRIPLET those notes.
    h        =     hold the key/keys while pressing the next keys.
    r        =    slight rest/pause.
    ~        =    hold the keys – longer note.

Part 1.

(G6.C6.G7.C7.G7.G6.G5) (C67x2 G67x2 G67x2) G67x2
G6.C6.G7.C7.G7.G6.G5 C67x2 G67x2 G67x2 (G56x2)

(G6.C6.G7.C7.G7.G6.G5) (C67x2 G67x2 G67x2) G67x2
G6.C6.G7.C7 C7G9 G78 C67 G7 G6 G5 (G5 G568)

Part 2.

(G5.G6.G7) (G5C7x3) (G7.{C6.G7.C6}tp.G6)   (G4.G1.C3)
C3.G5.G6 G5C7x3 G7.{C6.G7.C6}tp.G6   G4.G1.C3

(G5.G6.G7) (G5C7x3) (G7.{C6.G7.C6}tp.G6)   (G4.G1.C3)
C3.G5.G6 G5C7x3 G7.{C6.G7.C6}tp.G6   G4.G1.C3

(G5.G6.G7) (G5C7x3) (G7.{C6.G7.C6}tp.G6)   (G4.G1.C3)
C3.G5.G6 G5C7x3 G7.{C6.G7.C6}tp G5 (G5 G568)

Played as follows:

Play for as long as required, playing Part 1 x 2, then Part 2 x 2, and so on … ending on Part 2.

Best regards, and greetings from England.
(more tabs to come soon).
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