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 Hohner sponsored a clinic during SXSW with Flaco Jimenez at VideoRanch3D on Saturday the 20th. Video Ranch is owned by Michael Nesmith and the goal was to do something different online besides concerts. Michael has spearheaded many great projects and was one of the original members of the Monkees (1960s).  Flaco Jimenez talked about the Hohner Signature Series Accordion, his music, and the history of Tex-Mex music. Flaco did a fabulous job and we had viewers from all over the world tune in. These images is what you would have seen if you were on line. Once you log on, you have an avatar that lets you walk around the stage and you can stand right up front to the stage. This technology is done with green screen and you can see the pictures below on how it actually looks on stage. A. Whitney Brown (Saturday Night Live) was the MC. 
  Flaco and Shawn Sham
A. Whitney Brown, Max Baca, Flaco, David Farias, and David Jimenez
Augie Myers and Michael Nesmith
Mr. Michael Nesmith
Michael playing a bajo sexto
Texas Tornados



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Nice Gilbert

That is truly taking Conjunto to the next level.

Luckily you were indoors because the weather went sour on Saturday here in Austin.

Thanks for the pictures.


Viva la Musica de Bajo y Acordeon!
Keep on Squeezing the BOX!!!

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This was a cool way to see the show (when you can't be there )
Sound quality was great. 

I viewed this from California.

"It's not the notes you play that matter. It's the ones you don't" Miles Davis

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Hey Gilbert was that Michael Nesmith from the Monkees??


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Is there any way to watch this video?
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