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Click on the register link at the right hand corner of the forum. Enter the appropriate information such as email, name, location, and instruments you play. Once you completed the on-line form, submit. Before you can logon, you will receive a confirmation email. Answer the email and you will have full access to the forum. You will not be able to logon if you do not respond to the email.

To have better control over the Reyes Accordions community, we added one more step to the process. Once you respond to the email for confirmation, your registration will then be evaluated by a Reyes Accordions staff for final approval. If you do not fill in your Name (first & last), City, and State, your registration will be declined.

If you lost your password, go to the Login link, click on it, then go to "Lost Password" link. Enter your username and you will receive your new password by email.

Old forum username and passwords will not work on this new forum. Do not send us emails asking to register you. We no longer have the ability to do this manually. Please go to the register link and register once again.

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Our Mission

Reyes Accordions Community

To build an accordion community that works together to share ideas, music, accordion technique, experiences, and respects for each other as unique and caring individuals. We all have one thing in common, the love for the accordion. This being the starting point, this accordion community must have the following:

(1) Respect for each other's acordeon or accordion playing style and technique. All of us have different passions in life and our music reflects what's in our heart.

(2) Help each other out by sharing ideas and technique.

(3) Show reverence and respect for the traditional style of music (Conjunto and Norteño) and their histories while supporting the young generation with more progressive styles and technique.

Reyes Accordions is committed to this endeavor and welcomes all to our accordion community. This community consists of private individuals seeking personal instruction in the art of accordion playing and serves as an educational resource to that end. Any other use is strictly prohibited. Please visit our for accordion discussions.



July 17, 1995







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