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We've found and verified some differences in the quality of the touchscreen digitizers on Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3 compared to the iPhone version that require us to list some hardware limitations on what is possible with the Hohner SqueezeBox and Melodeon apps on the phones vs. larger screen tablets.

I wish we didn't have to do this, the only alternative would be to not offer the apps on the phones and only on tablets. I won't do that. I still think they are a lot of fun on the phones and a great learning tool even with the limitations. There are no issues or limitations found with the 7" or larger tablets:

Hardware Limitations:

Please read before purchase of the apps if you have a Samsung Galaxy S2 or S3 phone.

Due to the hardware resolution limitations of the multitouch displays on Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3, it is not possible to touch two buttons directly next to each other at the same time along a row or between rows and have them both make sound at the same time. 

Unfortunately, because the hardware does not send us the touch events for adjacent buttons on the phones, this is not something we can fix in the software. 

There is no problem on the phones for playing single note melody lines or chords not on directly adjacent buttons.

This is not an issue for the larger screen 7" or 10" tablets.

Audio performance and play speed is best on newer devices with faster processors and running the latest versions of Android. Older devices may have speed issues with playing quickly.

Please take advantage of the Google Play Store 15 minute trial period to decide whether the app performs sufficiently well on your specific device.
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