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I have been trying to purchase an hohner anacleto accordion for a couple of week and its is very difficult to get a price or even information. I live in New Mexico and I can not find a store in this state that have any in stock. I have called other stores out of state the prices vary from 500 to 1500 from store to store for a two tone accordion, I won't tell the price swing for the rey aguila, and they are not in stock. Any idea if Hohner will ever allow us to purchase directly from them, I highly doubt Los Tigers walk into la tienda del perro when they need one. I understand they are protecting their dealers from price wars. But an 1000.00 swing seems like price gouging to me. If hohner would publish an MSRP on the anacleto or hohner webpage at least I would know which dealer to trust. Or maybe hohner has the mentality if you have to ask you can't afford it and I should move on to something else. But I highly doubt that is case with hohner.

On a side note is it me or have the corona classics skyrocketed in price. I paid 999.99 for each of my three corona classics about seven years ago, I just saw one on musiciansfriends for 2500. I love my corona classics but at that price now way.


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You are correct, we don't advertise pricing on the Anacleto in order to try to manage a price war.   The pricing is something we are working on to ensure that we can get it close.  This is a work in progress, not perfect yet.  And yes, Los Tigres do purchase directly from IHOMI including many bands- some famous, some not so famous.  

It does not make sense to compete with the dealers we partnered with.  When I use to sell other brands before Hohner, the brands I would purchase from would compete with me to the point where I could not sell the product that they sold me.  Furthermore, Anacleto is a destination product: customers want to see them and try them out.  Selling direct and online does not work for us.   And yes, we should have more dealers selling the Anacleto line but not all dealers carry premium products. 

The Classic is $1499, not sure why MF is advertising at $2500 will have our sales VP look into this.

I will be more than happy to recommend a dealer that can assist you with this since we do not sell direct.

Send me a message

Thanks for the info, it's always good to get this kind of feedback. 


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