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I recently acquired a Hohner Pre corona and was hoping someone here could help me place a value on it. It has the original case and is in good condition but the previous owner did some patching on the corners of the bellows. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Looks like a nice find Jason! I , however do not have a clue what an accordion like that would fetch.
ramiro flores

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It's worth around $250-$300 for the condition it is in. It will require around $300 in repairs (tuning/reed work, bellows repair and other miscellaneous items)

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Real nice find 50,s era  ?  Do your research on it on google many other sites have good info on this box. I know the reeds are better than the newer ones from lets say 80 ,s ,I think you can get a new bellows on ebay ,just make sure its the right one . Find a good accordion shop to check out the tuning of the reeds.

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Say I just saw this post about the pre-Corona II.  any chance you still have it, Stimpy?  Thanks!
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