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Any App-cordion guru's out there that might be interested in creating an app for us? My laptop crashed and I don't have access to Sr. Maestro... An app for my Ipad would be just perfect!

I'm sure the members here would love it!

Roy Sanchez
Puro Conjunto Y Conjunto Puro

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I would love that ..

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That would be great, I bet
it would be popular, I'd get it!

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So who's gonna do it plss

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I've always wanted to learn how to create apps for iphones and ipads, but I never learned. I don't think it's as hard as it looks but I could be wrong

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I think it would be better to bake some of that functionality into the Hohner Squeezbox apps.  I don't program for iOS/Android so I don't know how difficult it is, but what would be nice is the following:

  1. Pick your scale (Ideally you'd have at 5 positions for each key to start, eg. 1st-G, 2nd-C, 3rd-F, 4th-D, 5th-Bb for a GCF accordion)
  2. Pick your scale type - Single notes, Thirds or Inverted Thirds)
  3. Then just light up the first note(s)
  4. Once you press that note and it makes a sound, it turns off and the next one lights up
  5. Etc... etc.. so on and so forth...
We don't even need tempo to start out with... that can be a feature added later.  Since the next note(s) only light up after you play the current ones, you can start to learn at your own pace.


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-- Albert Einstein

"Knowledge is learning something everyday. Wisdom is letting go of something everyday."
-Zen Proverb

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Writing a quality app is hard.

Making the buttons light up is easy.

Low latency audio streaming programming is hard.  You could easily
build an accordion app that would be unplayable. There are many

You also have to own some good audio samples, and I created all of
mine from recordings of my own or friends' instruments. Editing,
balancing, and tuning the samples is a lot of work.

Making an app that can handle proper multitouch with very low latency
from when you press the buttons to when the sound starts is hard.

Dealing with sliding between buttons and multitouch is hard.

Dealing with audio interruptions and proper interaction with the hardware is hard.

Testing the app on all the different iPad models and flavors of iOS is
expensive, but necessary.

Android is not a good platform for low-latency audio yet, it's only
the latest and fastest Android tablets that we're able to achieve
performance nearly as good as we had on the iPad almost two years ago.

I'd love to have the opportunity to do Sr. Maestro on iPad based on my
Hohner codebase. To do it right would take at least a couple of months
of dedicated full-time work. Unfortunately, app sales aren't enough to
support me doing this full-time, so I have to work on apps on weekends
and nights, and mostly that's just keeping up with the changes Apple
makes in nearly every release of iOS.

There are other accordion teaching apps available, I'd be interested
to hear how good they are for learning. Since I mostly play the B/C
two-row melodeon and traditional Irish music, I don't know if they are
effective for learning the three-row styles.

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Hi Michael,
This may be slightly off topic but it's regarding Sr. Maestro.  Would it be difficult to create a version of Sr Maestro for OSX?  I don't have any pcs at home and can't justify buying Parallels or Fusion, or even just the Windows OS to run using bootcamp just to run Sr. Maestro.
I realize that it isn't your program but figured you might have an idea.

I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. -Romans 7:15

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Not sure about the difficulty of porting it to OSX...  I use Parallels at work for all my Windows work, pretty impressive system.
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