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Got my ipad mini and got a GCF and FBE the first day. It was really awkward because the finger board is of course smaller but I doubt I'll be playing any gigs with this thing! Its more for just messing around and since I only have an actual GCF box, i can figure out Fa boxes on the fly.
On a mini you can really only play mostly terceras and sincillas, two fingers and one finger. Im getting used to it so i also bought an EAD!
Last nite on a whim, i said Aaaah screw it and bought me some two rows, GC, CF and a DG! Haha why not, theyre only 1.99 and really you can learn from those two rows as it forces you to find your spot, but its all there.

So yeah, i own 6 accordions, i mean appcordions!

Michael, these are great and youre a smart man for finding this forum and working with actual accordion players. Best of luck to you and continued success!

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They're great apps aren't they?
I have the GCF, FBbEb and the Midi Squeezebox. I mostly use the GCF to practice when the baby is asleep. Haha. I use the FA if I'm trying to learn a song that I can't play on my GCF box.

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So happy to hear from a happy customer! I practice on them myself, mostly the B/C two row and the MIDI Melodeon in B/C using the samples I donated to ThumbJam as the synth. I think that I use the apps myself is what sets them apart from the other apps offered by other developers, I figure if I'm happy with them for my personal practice, others will be too.

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I bought them all in every key... 

Impulse purchase...waaaayyy too easy to get carried away on iTunes and go on an app binge.

They're very much worth it though.


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