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For those of you who are wondering how do some members put large pictures directly in their post and others have the small pictures (thumbnails)?

Well, let me fill you in on the details.

By using the manage attachments option you are loading your reduced sized pictures to the Reyes server so that the thumbnails can be placed onto your post. This option actually ends up costing Gilbert more in potential bandwidth cost than if you try embedding your picture into the post using the HTML code provided by a picture hosting service.

For those that want to be able to place their large picture in their post try this.


In order for your pictures to fit on the forum page properly with having to scroll over to the right to see the whole picture or to read the comments you will need to resize your photos with a photo editor program such as: (MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop, ect...).

Please reduce your size of your pictures to pixel size 800 (X) and (Y) will automatically be resized proportionately.



                             ~~~EMBEDDING YOUR PICTURES INSTRUCTIONS~~~


First, you need to find a picture hosting website to host your picture on their server.  For example, I use, but there are others such as  These are some free services that don't require you to register to use them. 

The next step, is almost identical to the manage your photos option.  You need to select the Browse option on the site you have chosen.  Then find the picture you want on your PC and select it.  It helps to know where your picture is located on your hard drive in order to find it easier.

One you have selected your picture then you will hit the upload option on the selected site.  The picture will then upload to their server and give you some different linking options.  Normally their will be a direct url link and maybe a html code option to choose from.

You need to copy the HTML Code link and then this will need to be added to your post.

                                        ~~~Now to add it to your post~~~

Select the new topic option in the forum area that you want to post the picture in.  When you are on the new post screen type what you want to say and then hit the "<>" (show html code option).

Place a (br inside of this <>),(I have to do this so it will show on the screen), after the last word if it is not already there (this is code for line break) and it's needed to place a full line space between the last text and the next thing you are going to post.

Now paste the HTML CODE link you have copied after the (br inside of this <>)   If you want to place something after the picture you need to add another (br inside of this <>),and then proceed to post what you want using the same concept.

When you are done press the  Preview Post Option to make sure your post looks like you want it to appear.

If you are satisfied with your post then hit Post Message.

Hope this helps, and Good Luck.


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