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like the rest of you, i enjoy playing accordion, and although i am mexican, my heart beats with a colombian rythm, prefiero toca vallenato y cumbias colombianas.

last night i went to a wedding, and the guy that was getting married plays the accordion too, at the afterparty, we all went to his house and i saw he had a hohner panther laying around, which ofcourse i had to pick up and play it,

im amazed witht the quality and sounds that a hohner accordion can produce, al tocarlo me enamore del acordeon, i just wish it wouldve had the bass buttons. i couldnt believe my hands were touching a hohner lol.

i currently own a ¨mirage¨ accordion that tp my understanding its a cheap chinese accordion lol, and i know im stupid for comparing it to a hohner, but im seriously in love with hohner now.

im sorry i hadnt been on in a while, i got a couple of songs down that ima upload and hopefully itll help you guys


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thats amazing bro.....just wait till you played a hohner corona 2 from the 60s thats the real ticket.......

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The best feeling is to play a Corona III (for vallenato). Especially one from the 80's and 90's. In my honest opinion, I played with a panther and was not impressed. But then again, I'm used to playing with what I play. Either way, glad you had a good experience with that accordion. 

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Do not pick up a Corona III . Dont do it . You will have to have one soon after.

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for the money the panther is the best value for a beginning instrument. like tampa said estas hodido si tocas una corona III! lol
buena suerte con su nuevo adiccion chamo  

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