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Hello again all, I have another question.  I have a new FBE Hohner Corona Classic I purchased through, and I noticed the bellows lose more air (opens fairly fast when closed) than my Panther or Compadre does.  I have been playing it for a little while, and it seems to bother me more now that when I first brushed it off as nothing when I first got it.  I know Tim gave me some good advice on an older Classic I have that lost alot of air when the one row of buttons were played (he said it could be that the treble reeds blocks were not sitting tightly like they should be), so I rewaxed them down because they were loose and sure enough, the buttons did not lose air anymore when pressed.  It's not the same situation, because it does not happen when buttons are just loses more air than I guess I am used to.  I don't think this should be happening on a brand new accordion.  Will it get any worse as time goes by?  Do I send it in to Hohner since it's under warranty?  Is there some other easy fix?  I tried the advice of a previous topic about opening the bellows all the way and placing it on the floor and while holding the button board, slowly pushing the bellows back in and checking around using paper to see where the air may be coming from, but it was hard to find a definite location.  Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.  Gracias again.........

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I had the same problem and felt just like you.
I actually sent it back to Hohner so they could check it out and they fixt it free of charge.
I recommend you send it back they have preaty good cutomer service.
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