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Hello all I was at the Roma Accordion shop in Dallas checking out accordions and I seen a few P0lverini 5 switches.  Does anybody know any information on them.  They were decently priced right under 3,000 and sounded good.  In my opinion they sounded better then the Forte accordions they had there for 4,000.  My dad was ready to buy one but the owners attitude was super snobby.  I've been looking all over the internet to find out more info on these accordions or where to buy them besides that particular shop, but haven't come across anything like the accordions we seen. Any info is appreciated thanks. [wave]

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I saw one on Campos music in Arizona here is the link if this doesn't work just type in They shoe a Texmex button box. I also found this hopes it helps  [CastiglioneAccordionBan12th]

Thursday, April 06, 2017

  • 13300 E. 11 Mile Suite "A"
  • Warren, Michigan 48089-1367 U.S.A.
  • (586) 755-6050
  • FAX 1 (586) 755-6339
  • Toll Free: 1-800-325-1832


Our hours are 9 AM till 4:30 PM Monday-Friday
and on Saturday's by appointment only.
Call first before coming, if possible.


ramiro flores

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Did you talk to Gerardo the owner of the shop? He is a pretty cool guy everytime ive been there he has been very helpful. 

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That brand  is known to be lower quality even than Gabbanelli.

Ask them to show you the reeds... see where that gets you.

Are they machine reeds, dural, TAM,  a mano.

and what brand of reed. ?


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are you talking about the alacran accordions by p0lverini ? if so here is the website     5 switch is $2295.00  says available soon
music is in my blood.

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 #6   is the guy who makes the sofiamarie and they do use p0lverini co.
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