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by Jaime Flores

Radio Stations / Estaciones de Radio
Tejano/Chicano / DJ Crazy Chuy Hernandez "The Godfather of Tejano Soul"
Hacienda Records / de la casa de grabacion hacienda
Conjunto Pioneers on Saturdays / Solo pasa los sabados musica de los pioneros de texas
Conjunto from the Rio Grande Valley (South Texas) by Lupe Saenz / Estacion de musica de Conjunto desde el valle emitida por mi amigo Lupe Saenz
Tex-Mex music / radio de musica texana
Polkas - Aurora, IL

TV Station / Estacion de tv

Tex-Mex and Norteño videos / Canal teleritmo de videos gruperos musica texana y norteña


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Here is another link to more Online radio.  one of the things I found suprising was  how they turned some of the LIVE365 radio staions like "Acordeones de Texas" into Windows Media format. very cool since I am not a fan of live365  
::edit::   go to Tejano/Mexicana

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 pura musica de Accodion check it click on listen live.


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 #4 (KEDA 1540AM Jalapeno radio in San Antonio) for 100% conjunto & traditional TexMex

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This two are my favorite and the best stations..


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I live up north, and we love TejanoFM up of my fav's.  They mix up both ol' and new skool.

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