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I have a two tone compact Gabbanelli with supposedly "hand made reeds" .  I'm noticing a delayed response with the reeds especially when playing at low volume.  Does anyone know if this has to do with the quality of the reeds or is this typical of hand made reeds?  Thanks.  

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It could be that the valves are too stiff.  They are either palstic strips or leather strips and can be adjusted by a tuner.

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Normally, the hand made reeds have a quick/loud response when you pull or push the bellows, so probably the fail should be in the valves or another spot.

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Just to add this, it could also be that the action of the reeds is set too low. Sometimes when the reed tongue sits too close to the reed plate or inside the reed plate, it causes a delayed response at lower volumes. I've come across that a lot but not typically with hand made reeds.
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