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Don't ask me why but I picked up a lightly used Rossetti 3 switch accordion in FA off of Craigslist for 200 bucks. I have a couple of corona classics and a panther so I've only ever played 31 button boxes with no registers. I've been really curious to try a 34 button 3 switch so I thought what the heck why not. My first impressions were not that great. The sound very muted, the bellows were really hard, And I had a couple of stuck reeds. I opened her up and took the bass blocks out, Played with the treble reeds a little and removed the stupid grill cloth. I have to tell you guys I'm kind of impressed with it. The button action is hard but not a lot, and I kind of like it that way. it's still not better than a panther in my opinion but it's not as bad as I thought. I certainly enjoyed myself playing it. I might change its key from FBE to EAD down the road. Or just take some of the wetness out of the higher notes since it seemed to be tuned 440-444 through the whole accordion. Just thought I'd share my experience with it so far.

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That is cool, thanks for sharing . We can all learn from your experience.[biggrin]
ramiro flores

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A lot of the cheaper instruments are not bad if you put a few hrs into them. I will often just toss the worst 5-6 reeds and replace them and give it spot tuning and replace a few valves. After that it is a serviceable starter instrument.

 The thing about this too is that the instrument stays that way and will not return to the way it sounded at first.

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