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View from the San Francsico Bridge...
Downtown SF

Accordion Apocalypse Skyler Fell (left) with visiting guest Tara Linda (right)

Skyler Fell has been trained for a number of years on Advanced Accordion Repair Techniques by Vincent J. Cirell, Factory Trained Accordion Builder (Colombo & Sons of San Francisco) and Master Craftsman of Cirelli Accordion Service (since 1946).

Skyler's Repair Bench
Skyler also gives accordion lessons. Here she is talking about events she is working on for the San Francisco area. Tara Linda and Skyler are partcipating in a 2009 "Bay Area Acccordion Babes Pin-up Calendar" and CD featuring the best female accordionistas of the area.
The famous West Coast global music store, Lark in the Morning, has moved to the Mission district in San Francisco. They use to be by the Wharf but are now in a much busier and happening place. The Mission district is known for its fine restaurants, clubs, art murals, and has the largest Latino community in SF.
It's raining guitars!!!
Lark In the Morning Kira Lynn (manager on the left), and employee
When in San Francisco, you must stop by one of my favorite Chinese Restaurants in China Town, The Snow Garden on 712 Grant Ave. I have been coming to this same spot since the late 80s. A hole in the wall, but great food.


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Gilbert, I lived in California for about 18 years.  Visited L.A. and San Francisco often. I like SF better. I remember the very  first time there. I was driving up a hill and all of a sudden, as ascending, all I saw was water, the ocean, man, panicked and thought I was about to fall in, but of course, I  was so far away, lol...
Slowed down so very much that everybody behind me was honking their horns at me, lol..I have also gone through that winding road, can't think of its name now but it is only a few blocks down.
 Went all over and visited many an accordion place but at that time, the piano accordion was "King" and had very few button accordions. All in all, SF is a great California city in all its Splendor.
Thanks for sharing your pictures and for bringing back so many great memories...Chuco


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Thank you Gilberto: 
This is a really cool feature your- news & pics from the road... 
Keep posting these!!!

It was good to see you and play music again. Thanks for coming to check out the Bay Area scene.   

Interesting... Kira Lynn was key in my re-discovery of Lydia Mendoza's music; she was the one years ago, who gave me my first Arhoolie recording of Lydia's early music, saying..."you should be singing this".  How she could know the effect it would have...
She has this musical sense about people- no matter their musical styles. 
Lark in the Morning is the coolest place to try instruments from all over the world- our band used to go crazy there.

Thanks for posting!!

"It's not the notes you play that matter. It's the ones you don't" Miles Davis

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Hey there Gilberto,
What a blast, the Cotati Accordion Festival was amazing! We made the front page of "The Community Voice" Newspaper:
It was awesome meeting you and Tara Linda, hosting you in The Accordion Apocalypse Repair Shop! Come visit again next time you are in San Francisco, where the Accordion is the official instrument...and we're bringing it to the new generations!
I look forward to seeing you again soon. This online community is awesome!

Skyler Fell
The Accordion Apocalypse Repair Shop
Bringing the Accordion to a new Generation!
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