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If someone says they need me to play in the key of C then I use the C scale right? If they need me to play in the key of F then I use the F scale am I correct? I can play scales but learning a song has to more right???
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Gino , I am jut a beginner. I have been playing for about 13 months and only practice about an hour a day. I have made decent progress but have much much more to learn. If I get what you are saying it would be this. Some times people want us to play a song we might know in the key of G, but they want to sing it in C. So they then say play it in C expecting the accordion player to just automatically get right into it. I might know the scale of C on a G accordion, but playing the same song in the key of G and then switch to C requires practicing the song because the scale patterns are different. Did I get you correctly.
ramiro flores

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Yes Gino, learning a song is more than scales. And yes when a song is in a certain key, you use the scale pertinent to that key. What Ramiro is refering to is transposing a song to a different key. While yes it can be difficult, if you know your scale positions it's not too hard. Just keep working at it. 
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