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Idk if anyone has heard of the new Sonola brand diatonic accordions, but I bought one from somebody that worked for Maxim's group. I was told they were a distributor for Sonola and Settimio Soprani. So I purchase this Loretto iii model two tone FBE/EAD accordion that was said to be the floor model and it was pretty cheap because it was the floor model and had a discount price of 3150 from from the original price and I ended up getting it down to 2850. So I thought wow, what a come up, a new Castelfidardo accordion with Antonelli reeds.The accordion still smelled like new and the straps were still wrapped in the packaging theyre thick genuine leather and smell like it. The paint was impeccable.

So I'm super satisfied with my accordion until I noticed the paint on the grille appeared to be bubbling around the metal center piece (similar to a Santa Marsala grille). Also I hadn't tried the clarinet register in EAD, and two buttons were not working. The accordion was gloss black with blue accents.

I contacted the person who sold it to me who referred me to a Sonola rep in my area, which turned out to be the Sonola rep for Mexico, I live in Los Angeles. So then the Mexico rep was very helpful and said although the accordion wasn't purchased new, it is one of the very first models so it should be eligible for repair under warranty (Sonola Accordions come with a 5 year warranty). He reffered me to Dennis Chavez the U.S. Rep at the time and he came down to LA on a family road trip and picked up the accordion himself. He told me it would be 4-6 months until I got the accordion back due to the amount of orders for new Accordions that were being placed. I had a 5 switch EAD Gabbi so I figured I'd use that until the accordion was ready 6 months later.

6 months came and went and Dennis said he was still waiting on the grille but the reeds were fixed, the blocks weren't aligned correctly or some BS he made up. So then I waited another month, he said he was still waiting on the grille, but he wanted my address so that he'd ship it as soon as it was ready. I told him to let me know when it shipped so that I'd be home to receive it. I contact the Mexico rep and ask if he could ask Dennis for a tracking number for me since it had been a couple of weeks without any reply from him, even after leaving him several messages. I find out Dennis is no longer working for Sonola and I ask Robert the Mexico rep who was left in charge of my order if he had gone, he says he would get in contact with Dennis and make sure he fulfill my warranty repair

Two months pass and Dennis is not replying to any of my calls, texts, or Facebook messages, yet he is posting about events and gigs on his Facebook page. I feel like I've just been duped, so I contact Robert the Mexico rep and ask him about Dennis he said he hasn't heard from him, I told him I was regretting purchasing the stupid accordion and the headache that came with it. I told him that if Dennis didn't reply or send the accordion within the next week, I was going to go to the police and report a theft, which in California is considered grand theft (a felony) for something worth more than $1500. Within two days Dennis contacted me and said he'd ship the accordion out that week, he had just been super busy. 😒 Really?.

So I finally got it back and it's got a new grille, looks great and sounds great. Idk if anyone has had an experience as shïtty as I'd had with Sonola (or any other company). I'm just glad I got my accordion back repaired. I'm never sending it out again, I'll take it to Dave out in Glendale, CA from now on, and if the paint gets damaged, scrëw it, I'll consider it a battle scar.

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Good to know! Thanks.
ramiro flores
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