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There is a Hohner International on ebay right now.  Here is the link: iewItem


It looks like there is a sticker on the back that says "Made in the German Democratic Republic".  That's East Germany, right?  Is this for real?  Did Hohner actually make accordions in East Germany, or did someone just stick that sticker on there?


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Hohner International,Silvetta,Bandmaster,Weltmeister and some else,all those brands are worldwide recognized and they are made since a long ago in the (ex) East Germany according to my scarce knowledge,although maybe Mr.Peter (Pu) from Germany,could to expound something more accurate about this subject........

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Very poor quality  avoid the International  series


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id only buy it if i was learning, but it looks very nice but then again, for the same price you can get a chinease made rossetti, parrot or they look nice too....looks can be decieving, beware....


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I'm not interested in buying it, I just wanted to know if Hohner really made accordions in East Germany, when there was an East Germany.


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For some reason, I think these international hohner model feels pretty bad, even if they are "broken in"... I don't like them para nada.
Bueno bye.


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Mi HONHER corona II es alemana (FBES) me dijeron que la ultima S solo se usa en alemania, significa FBE pero el el sistema alemán

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