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Una lista de precios para un acordeon usado.
Yo se que el precio varia segun el cuidado que se le ha dado al instrumento. Pero un mas o menos, Asi como le hacen en los carros, millage, condicones y modelo.
Es posible algo asi?
Yo veo que habemos muchos interesados en comprar pero en realidad no sabemos si esta bien o justo.
 Hay unos que quieren vender como si fuera nuevo y no lo es.
Que piensan ustedes?

A price list for used accordions.
I know that the price will vary depending on conditions of the instrument.
But a guidance more or less, like used cars, mileage,conditions and model.
Is this possible?
I see that there are a lot of people interested in buying accordions, but truly we do not know if its the right or fair price.
Some people want to sell like if it is a new instrument and ints not.
What do you all think?

jose cruz

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Prices for one with no switches can vary from $1000 to $1400. New they start at about $1600. For a 3 switch model it can vary from $1300 to $1800. New 3 switch models start at around $2200 to $2600. A 5 switch model can go from $1500 to $2500. New they start around $2500 to $2900. This is based on my expeirence and research. It all depends how old the accordion is, how well its taken care of. Does it look like other accordions, is it custom made, no other like it etc.... These prices are based on Italian accordions. You can go to ebay and check under gabbannelli and you will get an idea. Hohner accordions vary from $300 to $1500 new and used. Hope this helps.
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