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I am taking a class on Latin American music and we finally started learning about Mexican music yesterday, the professor put on some flaco jimenez and started talking about him being one of the cornerstones of Tex Mex music,
so my question is do you guys consider flaco jimenez a Tex Mex musician? I always think of him of conjunto
I don't consider conjunto music Tex Mex music, but then again I don't listen to much conjunto music, so for you conjunto guys do you guys consider conjunto music texmex? For me they are seperate

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To me being that I am from Tejas  I am always being called, Tejano, Texmex and Chicano among other not so flattering things. I thing that Flaco's music is called TexMex by some because he uses some unique rythms and sings both in spanish and english!

ramiro flores

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Flaco is both a Conjunto artist and part of the most recognized TEX-MEX group the Texas Tornados. 

Outside of Texas Conjunto might be called Tex-Mex due to the lack of knowledge about the Conjunto genre. 

Tex-Mex is  a mix of Texas Country/Rock and elements of Conjunto ie: the Accordion/Bajo Sexto with bi-lingual lyrics (English/Spanish).

This is how I would define these two genres being a Tejano, but others may disagree.

Hope that helps.


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Ramiro, thats a good point.

That makes sense, for some reason I isolated flaco from the texas tornados, mainly because he had such a great influence on conjunto music that I associated him with that alone. But it makes sense why he could be considered tex mex.
Thanks for your replies!

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I've always considered Tex-Mex Conjunto Non-Nortenio. Tejano conjunto might have been branded as such by the Anglo. Some how down here in South Texas if you spoke Spanish, you were from Mexico in some circles. I had an Anglo high school teacher (man, was she pretty) that I had an Olive Complexion jaja.

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i would call Flacos style tex mex because he made that sound. I wouldnt consider him conjunto being that he basically made a "sub" genre of Tejano. Conjunto style has greatly changed from the time that Flaco wouldve been considered full-blown conjunto. Conjunto now is known to be Hometown Boys, 2 G's, Boni Mauricio, Garcia Bros, Ruben Vela and so on. Tex-Mex would be known as Mingo Saldivar, Flaco Jimenez, TexManiacs. etc.  So, at one point, yes, Flaco was Conjunto but as the styles changed, so did his classification.

I would have to mention the speed of the music as well. Conjunto tends to be a little slower than that of Flaco's tempo.


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Don't wanna get too technical in my explanation...
but :

Flaco is to Conjunto (worldwide ) as

Elvis  is to Rock and Roll

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(Amen Guillermo) Ambassador Flaco 

well, I'm not exactly a "Conjunto guy"  hehe!
but this is such a great question Czzzzr...& one I've been thinking lots about lately with my new music; everyone wants labels...

Growing up in Texas, my music teachers (Conjunto, etc.) told me that the Tex-Mex label includes all styles that are Texas grown and influenced by both sides of the border- old & new.  And I think it has to do with the special sound of the accordion and the way it's uniquely played in both Texas & Mexico. Aside from splitting hairs on tuning, nobody plays the 3-row the same way in other countries. Or as Flaco said on Saturday- as 'perky, lively.'  It's a sound & style thing i think all the genres in the region keep- to some extent- to this day. I think *this* is what non-Tejano audiences think when they say "Tex-Mex."
I always avoided the Tex-Mex label, (it's too catch all), until I started playing for audiences outside Texas, and those not familiar with all the Texas sub-styles. Most people don't know what Conjunto is, so I get to explain.  Now I'm playing more of a rock style (Tortilla Western) that mixes spaghettii western with different Texas styles including early Conjunto, Flaco's, etc. And I use the Tex-Mex label to explain which Texas influences I'm copying.

thanks for posting this!

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To make it simple, I consider him both, and Tex-Mex is different from Conjunto.


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Everyone has their thoughts about what is Tejano and what is not, but the way that I see it, Tejano (Tex Mex) Music is pretty much any style created by the Chicano/ Latino/ Hispanic (whatever you consider yourself as) that is rooted in Texas.  That said, Conjunto Music, is sub-genre of Tejano Music.  I, like Tara Linda, choose to just call it Tejano Music because it makes it easier to say it is Texas American Music.  If the person that I am speaking with is still curious and asks more questions I then try to break it down a little and explain some of the differences between Conjunto and traditional Tejano Music.  This is my take on it.  It may not be right, but this is just another topic that makes music fun.  It is also how I pick up girls....Just kidding

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Joe C.
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It is also how I pick up girls....Just kidding

No you're not. haha

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