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Easy way to learn the names of the notes gnarlitos 31,506 23
by gnarlitos
Videos: escalas en el acordeon de SOL / Scales in the GCF pacoRios 51,331 5
by gchavez107
6. Las progresiones pacoRios 11,932 6
by El_j_p
3. Las escalas pacoRios 23,776 6
by garcialarry23
5. Los acordes pacoRios 15,004 8
by alteno94
2. La notacion musical pacoRios 7,879 4
by alteno94
1. Las notas musicales pacoRios 11,435 3
by alteno94
4. Los grados, intervalos, e inversiones pacoRios 8,793 0
by pacoRios
Opinion para empezar mexDANIEL 107 4
by moway82
Saludos mexDANIEL 28 0
by mexDANIEL
Scales, scales, scales......question Gino 291 5
by otono
Passing chords on Bajo Sexto played by Santiago Almeida Eli_de_Leon 166 2
by Victor
Tetrachord Gino 61 0
by Gino
Db or C# Scales gabbanelli1911 88 4
by gabbanelli1911
Practice more efficiently. Skoto88 223 6
by Skoto88
G# note on GCF Accordion Ramiroflores 233 2
by Ramiroflores
Quick questions about notes or keys ELFEO28 1,242 6
by ELFEO28
think music el_sapo 1,851 3
by LucidSamples
Sol Fa Mi- Switching elcarrillo213 542 4
by elcarrillo213
Ayuda Malportado 366 2
by Malportado
How do I stay in key? Gino 926 1
by tarasco702
segunda voz krazyking 1,017 5
by tarasco702
Fundamentals of Music Theory - Free online class rcortez 1,509 0
by rcortez
Pregunta: ¿El Maestro Juan Villareal, elpirishuiris 1,354 2
by JF7
Metodos de Accordion kinesis 4,676 12
by Chuyguevara
song in a minor esteban 857 3
by mex23
beginners survey harleyleo 2,413 8
by ElFailo
3rds? 6ths? scales? major? minor? tones/ half tones? im so confused? nomaralaya 1,556 4
by nomaralaya
Just an Idea Tania 2,133 10
ACORDES AUMENTADOS...DONDE VAN? elalexperales 1,529 5
by tarasco702
como tocar mejor empesando_88 1,276 1
by mex23
adornos 1 2 3exemptions de si bemol acor de fa empesando_88 993 0
by empesando_88
clase de musica jcc 1,009 1
by chapulin94
Songs in Certain Scales? Duro1990 1,438 7
Diagrama de tonos artlsx10 3,183 0
by artlsx10
acordes disminuidos y aumentados elalexperales 1,916 2
by mex23
Playing with a clarinet Tania 1,618 23
by tarasco702
Que quiere decir... Luis82 3,080 14
by tarasco702
Escalas Menores superregioboy 1,310 1
by tarasco702
¿En que tono de acordeon fue grabada esta cancion? DanielHolguin 1,370 5
by juanmar16
nesesito ayuda con los tiempos para las cansiones izzy009 1,548 14
by izzy009
Fake book vs Real book Gino 1,320 0
by Gino
Polka/Redova metronome rcortez 1,316 0
by rcortez
starting BACKWARDS on a norteño song Deseados2009 1,256 4
by rcortez
Would this help anyone? Tania 1,608 11
by Tania
Juan Villareal chromatic scale Tania 1,813 8
by Tania
Chord Progressions Tania 2,818 15
by wsnider
question about large chords Gino 1,498 3
by Colombianguy_III
Se puede tocar tono de sol acordeon fa? Estudiante 3,348 4
by 100xcientoinvasores
sobre solfeo chinoMich 2,863 2
by chinoMich
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