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Saludos, camaradas de Conjunto. Getting ready for the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center's 34th Annual Tejano Conjunto Festival en San Antonio 2015 which will take place from May 13-17 at the Guadalupe Theater and Rosedale Park, and as has become my annual ritual, I'm asking for your recommendations on who you think that I should definitely include in this year's Conjunto Fest line-up? As you know, my formula for the festival has always been to present the best in Conjunto music, the living legends and most popular conjuntos performing today, as well as some of those new and outstanding conjuntos who have never performed at the festival before. I try to present the musical line-up in a memorable way that you'll only get at the Tejano Conjunto Festival en San Antonio, the first, oldest and largest festival in the world that is dedicated to Conjunto music.

Let me know who you think are the best conjuntos performing today and who you think I should include in next year's musical line-up. Send me the name of the conjunto and, if they're a new conjunto, a link to some of their music, if possible. I should be finalizing the tentative schedule for the 34th Annual Tejano Conjunto Festival en San Antonio 2015 by early January.

Como siempre, gracias por sus sugerencias and Jappy Jaladays of health and happiness to you and your familias. Juan


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Attention visual artists and graphic designers. The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center wants you to submit a poster for the 34th Annual Tejano Conjunto Festival Poster Contest 2015. The Overall Winner receives a $1,000 cash award and the winning selection becomes the official poster for the 34th Tejano Conjunto Festival en San Antonio 2015 to be held from May 13-17. A Top Selection and Honorable Mention poster will also be selected in the middle school, high school, college level, and open categories. Deadline for submission is February 7, 2015. For the complete rules & guidelines, go to…/ Por favor spread the palabra to your visual artist friends and share this post/link. Gracias.

Jappy Jaladays de salud, amor y paz para ustedes y sus familias. Juan

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Let's see if this link to the Conjunto Festival Poster Contest guidelines works better:

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Just to say this is an awesome festival.

In 2014 I travelled from Scotland to the 33rd Festival and it will always be one of the highlights of my life.
The music was superb and the people of San Antonio were extremely welcoming and kind to me during my week's vacation.

If anyone living outside USA is thinking of travelling to San Antonio for this festival then I'm happy to offer my thoughts on accommodation, travel etc etc.



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Conjunto Aztlan, Santiago, Mingo, Flaco, 2Gs, Gilberto Perez, Arturo Nino, Los Angeles del Sur, Susan Torres, Flavio, La Naturaleza, Los Fantasmas, Chano Cadena, Ricky Naranjo, Monarcas, Dwayne, Garcia Bros, Rio Jordan, Los Donnenos, Boni, Hometown Boys, Max Baca, Joel Guzman, Eva, Lazaro, Bernardo, Los Layton, La Clicka, usual suspects

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These are some of the band I would like to see at the conjunto fest

Conjunto Cats
Ruben Tellez
Los Veteranos
Conjunto Sereno
Los Cardenas

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Orale Juan greetings from dallas. David farias, Juanito castillo, conjunto prestigio, la naturaleza, Pavo garcia, Mingo saldivar , conjunto express. .These are some line up suggestions. .robert in la bajada. Dallas

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Leo aguilera y 4x4!!!!!!!
Conjunto x
Conjunto Romo
Los arcos hermanos pena
Los truenos de tejas

music is in my blood.

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JJ Olivarez y los 3 1/2 Bros.

Los Morales Boyz

Grupo Retono

Grupo Invicto

Los Bad Boyz del Valle
Juanito Castillo / Rio Jordan
Los 2 G's
Albert Zamora
Los Hermanos Farias
Sunny Sauceda


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JJ Olivarez Y Los 3 1/2 Bros.

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Conjunto Xtremo-Sweetwater, Tx.
Que Siga El Taconazo!!!
Con El Acordeonazo!!! Ajuaa!!!

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Camaradas de Conjunto, gracias for your suggestions and recommendations. I just finished booking the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center's 34th Annual Tejano Conjunto Festival en San Antonio 2015 which will be held from May 13-17 at the Guadalupe Theater and Rosedale Park. I'll be releasing the musical line-up and program for this year's Conjunto Fest as soon as we get the winning poster. We're going to be judging the TCF poster contest this coming week. Stay tuned. Hope y'all are making plans to be with us in San Anto this May. En conjunto carnalismo, Juan

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Mr wife painted a poster to the deadline tomorrow? We live in Colorado.. Do we just send in a picture of it?

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I'm surprised its not up on the forum yet but the line up looks impressive

Here's the link to the festival


Tentative Schedule

Wednesday, May 13/Guadalupe Theatre/10am-12noon/Free for Seniors

Free Seniors Conjunto Dance

Tim Rodríguez y Oro de Tejas  (San Antonio)




Thursday, May 14/Guadalupe Theatre/7-9pm/Free Admission 

Special screening of the documentary film “This Ain’t No Mouse Music!” about roots music icon Chris Strachwitz, the guiding force behind legendary Arhoolie Records, as he takes us on a hip-shaking stomp from Texas to New Orleans, Cajun country to Appalachia, in his passionate quest for themusical soul of America. There will be a discussion after the film with Chris Strachwitz, Producer/Directors Maureen Gosling and Chris Simon, and Flaco Jiménez and Santiago Jiménez Jr. who are featured in the film.




Friday, May 15/Rosedale Park/5:30pm-12am/$15 per person*

5:30pm  Opening Ceremonies/Poster Contest Exhibit & Awards

Hijos de las Leyendas

6pm  Gill Jiménez/The Legacy  (San Antonio)

6:40pm  Los D Boys  (Corpus Christi)

7:40pm  Flavio Longoria and The Conjunto Kingz  (San Antonio)

8:45pm  Rubén Vela Jr. y su Conjunto  (Santa Rosa)

9:55pm  Río Jordán featuring Juanito Castillo  (San Antonio)

11pm  Ricky Naranjo y Los Gamblers  (Alice)




Saturday, May 16/Rosedale Park/11:30am-12am/$15 per person*

Hecho en Tejas: Puro Conjunto Pesado

11:30am  Student Showcase: Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center/Conjunto Heritage Taller
Teatro de Artes Juan Seguín/Houston Accordion Performers/Southside High School
Conjunto Cardenales/La Joya High School Conjunto Los Diamantes/Palmview
High School Conjunto La Tradición/ Palo Alto College Conjunto Palo Alto

1pm  Conjunto Avanzar  (Victoria)

2pm  Tornado y Los Vengadorez  (Laredo)

3pm  Los Morales Boys  (Dallas)

4pm  Ricardo Guzmán Jr. y sus Tres Aces  (Edinburg)

5pm  Kinto Rey  (Houston)

6pm  Los Leones de Albert Soliz  (Laredo)

7pm  Rubén De la Cruz y su Conjunto  (Edcouch)

8pm  Lázaro Pérez y su Conjunto  (Bishop)

9pm  Los Monarcas de Pete y Mario Díaz  (Houston)

10pm  Boni Mauricio y Los Máximos  (Corpus Christi)

11pm  Los Dos Gilbertos  (Edinburg)




Sunday, May 17/Rosedale Park/1:30-11pm/$12 per person*

Women in Conjunto Music Tardeada Showcase

1:30pm  Leti y Conjunto Central (Odom)

1:55pm  Katie Lee Ledezma  (Brownsville)

2:20pm  Savannah Votion  (San Antonio)

2:45pm  Tejano Roze y la Nueva Sensación  (Corpus Christi)

3:10pm  Grupo Imagen  (Corpus Christi)

3:45pm  Linda Escobar y Conjunto Amable  (Corpus Christi)

4:30pm  Eva Ybarra y su Conjunto  (San Antonio)

Special presentation by Las Tesoros de San Antonio

Rita Vidaurri “La Calandria”/Beatriz “La Paloma” Llamas/Blanca Rodríguez

5:45pm  Santiago Jiménez Jr. y su Conjunto  (San Antonio)

6:40pm  Gilberto Pérez y sus Compadres  (Mercedes)

7:40pm  Bene Medina y su Conjunto Águila  (San Antonio)

Special presentation by Nick Villarreal  (San Antonio)

9pm  Mingo Saldívar y sus Tremendos Cuatro Espadas  (San Antonio)

10pm  Flaco Jiménez y su Conjunto  (San Antonio)




Saturday, May 16/Guadalupe Theatre/9-10:30am/$45

Accordion Tuning, Maintenance & Repair Workshop

Tim Schofield, Hohner Accordion Repair and Parts Supervisor,
will teach you how to tune the reeds of your accordion and
maintain it in tip-top playing shape. Accordion tuning kits
will be available for purchase.

Saturday, May 16/Guadalupe Theatre/10:30am-12:30pm/$45 each

Button Accordion & Bajo Sexto Workshops

Master button accordion maestros Bene Medina, Boni Mauricio,

Santiago Jiménez Jr. and Santiago Garza will co-teach this two hour accordion

workshop with breakout sessions between the students and individual maestros.
Grammy Award-winning bajo sexto maestro Max Baca

will conduct this two hour bajo sexto workshop.

Basic accordion and bajo sexto playing techniques and chords/scales

will be explored, along with the accompaniment of different conjunto

rhythms. The two separate workshops will come together at the end

for an impromptu performance and conjunto jam.

For workshops registration and info, call 210.271.3151




*  3-Day Rosedale All-Events Pass

$37 GCAC Members

$40 Non-Members

For info, 210.271.3151

The Guadalupe Theater is located at 1301 Guadalupe St.
and Rosedale Park is at 340 Dartmouth in San Antonio, Texas.


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Overall Winner: John Medina


Jason AKA "Jammin' J" Conjunto for life! - Puro Bajo Sexto y Acordeon.

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Cucuy accordionists to invade San Antonio this May!

Gracias to TheRose and JSegura for posting the winning poster and complete schedule/musical line-up for the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center's 34th Annual Tejano Conjunto Festival en San Antonio 2015 which will be held from May 13-17 at the Guadalupe Theater and Rosedale Park. I think we have one of the strongest musical line-ups since I've been back these last eight years. Over 190 conjuntos were recommended to me this year (the most ever). I was only able to squeeze in 34 bands and musical acts including some of the best and most popular conjuntos performing today, nine returning legendary Conjunto Music Hall of Famers and nine bands that have never performed at the festival before. 

Other highlights include "Los Hijos de las Leyendas" night; a "Women in Conjunto Music Tardeada Showcase"; a free special screening of the documentary film "This Ain't No Mouse Music!"; a "Free Seniors Conjunto Dance"; inductions into the Conjunto Music Hall of Fame; a "Conjunto Student Showcase & Recital"; accordion & bajo sexto workshops; TCF poster exhibit; a special publication of the TCF program magazine; food & beverage booths, arts & crafts, and plenty and dancing and fun for the entire family. 

Hope to see you here in San Anto in May. Por favor spread the palabra and the schedule. Here's the link to the complete schedule once again:

Gracias, Juan


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Saludos, Camaradas de Conjunto. Getting ready for the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center's 34th Annual Tejano Conjunto Festival en San Antonio 2015 and just wanted to share with you the official poster for this year's festival. Hope to see everyone here in May to witness the "cucuy accordion invasion." Juan

To see the poster in a larger and more readable format, go to

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Sweet lineup and poster!! See you all there! Saludos
Don't Wish, Accomplish J.S.
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