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Raza les paso un link de un programa que estamos desarrollando un Compa y su servidor , espero les sea util , pueden bajarlo gratis y hacer sus propias melodias, ejercicios , adornos , secuencias etc etc , tambien tiene el modo de los Tabs de Acordion Reyes , si les interesa utilizarlos es sin costo y todo gratuito !!!!!!

Regiomontano aficionado de corazon a la musica de Acordeon desde Norteño hasta Country, radico en Alemania y comienzo a afinar acordeones como Hobby,, Amigo y Servidor para todos los miembros de Reyes Accordions

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Hi People,
my Name is Jack Fischer (germany) and I'm the programmer of "Accordion Hero".
I just write to let you know that "AH version 1.3" is ready to download.

The most important thing at first: Its for free! 100%

A few features:

- Supports five Accordions: G-C-F / F-Bb-Eb / F#-B-E / E-A-D / A-D-G
- Supported languages: Spanish/English/German/French
- Variable playback-speed.
- Realtime display of notes.
- More then 100 different MIDI-instruments (Just in case u want another sound!) [wink]
- Easy to use editor for your own lessons. (Simple TXT-Files to send them away.)
- Editor supports the TAB-system. (G1, C1, F1 / G2, C2, F2, ...)
- Use the PC-Keyboard as virtuell Accordion. (New since 1.3)
- Download-Size: 2 MB!! (Yes, I know it's hellish, but size matters!)
- 100% for free. God loves the musicans! [wink]
- ... and more. [smile]


You can find the latest Version 1.3 here ...

Please feel free to join the AH-group at Facebook for the latest news...

I dont play an instrument, but music gave me so much, so I think its time to pay something back! [wink]



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