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Does anyone know what kind of microphone Ramon Ayala uses?

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La marca se llama Crown.
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That does look like a Crown CM311A.  It would make sense because that's what Ricky Munoz has used before...and Ramon is essentially Ricky's idol.

Though, in my opinion, this isn't the way to go nowadays.  The Crown CM311A is a headset mic.  It was likely bent, fabricated and fastened on to Ramon's accordion because there really wasn't much of a choice for clip on instrument mics back in the day, and the Crown headset mic was/is very well respected...then they just kept using it like that because it worked. 

But that isn't the only one he uses, either.  I've seen pics of Ramon using a Beyerdynamic Opus 86 (which was discontinued a long time ago).  I'm going to take a guess and say that he probably doesn't pay attention and just leaves it to the sound guys...but that's just a guess.

Now though, the good thing is we have plenty of choices for actual clip, instrument mics.  You can buy a Sennheiser e908B or e608, Shure Beta 98H/c, Audio Technica ATM350, Beyerdynamic TG I57c, AKG C516 or C519...even Hohner offers the Vamonos Wireless mic system.

Unless you want to spend $450 on a mic just to bend it all up, I suggest just picking one of the above mics and rolling with that.  Same sound quality and you'll be using a mic for its intended purpose.


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yo tengo un sennheiser  em 100 g3 reciver con un sk 100 g3 bodypack transmitter y un me 3 mic q lo ajuste para ponerlo en el accordion y la verdad estoy muy satisfecho pero tengo una pregunta es posible usar 2 bodypack y 2 mic en el mismo reciver 

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