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Hello Everyone.
General question here, not too sure if I will come out as being a little ignorant but oh well hehe...

My question is, How hard does one pull on the bellows when playing live with sound equipment?  I have never been part of any group, but every once in a while friends and family request I go play a palomazo whenever we have parties with norteno groups.  IT seems whenever I watch the videos, you can sometimes barely make out the accordion while I am playing.  I think I am just used to not having to pull much since I just play at home which probably results in the low volume when playing with a group.  Any suggestions?

Thank you all!


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Mario that is a great question, I am just a beginner been playing around a year or so. I don't have any one to practice with so my timing sucks  I also have a volume/sound issue when I do try to play along with a guitar or sexto. I do notice that that I lack confidence and maybe hold back  a little on the bellows. I have also noticed that my Compadre is a lot louder than my Corona ll. Don't know if this helps but I guess I have the same issue.[biggrin]
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To both of you, denle el jalon a la cochi compa!!! I won't say pull as hard as you can, but enough for it to be heard. Once you mic up, you wont have to pull as hard. Just keep the mic on the box. Mean time, pull with confidence. if you doubt yourself, your playing will reflect it.
Jalenle machin a la conchi compas. Que se oiga maziso.
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