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1. The Hohner factory. In this factory in Trossingen/Germany
- besides harmonicas and recorders - the following models are build:
Gola, Morino, Genius, Ventura, Corona Classic, Xtreme.
This is the Hohner Made in Germany line.

The Hohner International line is made with German know how
- using the original German machines - in the Hohner factory in China:
Bravo, Nova, Amica, Corona II, Corona III, Panther, Corso, Erica.
To keep the quality level high, a team of Hohner Germany is over there frequently.

Let"s take a walk around the Trossingen factory, guided by product manager Horst Fausel.

2. The production hall

3. Production hall

4. Corona Classics awaiting shipment

5. Ready for transport

6. Corona department

7. Waltraud Bauer sets up the reed blocks of a Corona Classic.

8. Fitting of the reed blocks.

9. Some Mexican style Corona Classics

10. The reed punch

11. Magnifying glass for testing the reeds.

12. One of the most important workers for the Hohner sound:
Dieter Kohler aligns/egalizes the reeds in the Giovanni Gola manner, a treatment
of the reeds which is handed down from one generation of workers to another.
The first in this tradition was Pietro Fillipazzi of Stradella,
who started to work for Hohner in 1956.

13. Installing the valves

14. The fine alignment of the reeds

15.The tools are simple - it is all in the hands of the craftsmen.

16. Finishing up with a sandpaper file

17. Renate Meyhof does the waxing of the reed blocks, the wax is heated
in the container under the red exhausting system.

18. Filling in the wax to keep the reedblocks air tight

19. Head of the tuning department Ekkehard Stetter in his work space.

20. Nothing can substitute tuning by hand, every reedblock passes through this department.

21. Except for the electronic tuner little has changed in this tuning set up

22. This is an old tuning set up, used by generations of Hohner tuners. The accordion is
handy for reference tones.

23. The air pressure is generated by a sewing machine like mechanism.

24. ... and they've been known to pick a song or two...

25. Master builder Sigmar Gothe sets up the bass mechanism of a Hohner Gola.

26. Master builders Gerhard Herbach and Sigmar Gothe with a Hohner Gola
they have just finished. Golas are made on special order only.
Giovanni Gola once was the production manager of the Hohner accordion line.
This top of the line model bears his name.
Giovanni Gola is known for having set the highest standards in accordion production.

What Amati and Stradivari were to the violin, Venanzio Morino and Giovanni Gola
were to the accordion.

But the quest goes on: who was the Leo Fender of the Corona?

Giovanni Gola was born in Stradella/Italy in 1907, learned accordion building
in the Dallape factory and worked from 1952 till 1972 for Hohner. After
his retirement he went back to Stradella where he died in 1978.

In 1956 the first Golas as top of the line instruments were made. The reeds
were specially aligned/egalized to give the same response in all registers.
The reeds were tuned using sandpaper files to leave no filing marks.

Venanzio Morino was Golas predecessor. He was born in 1876 in Piemont/Italy
and lived from 1900 on in Geneve/Switzerland. There he repaired and built
accordions. Known for his superb craftsmanship, he was invited to work
for Hohner in 1928. The Morino series bears the name of its conceptor.
He died in 1961 in Trossingen.

At Hohner, Venanzio Morino and Giovanni Gola
could pair their Italian ingenuity with the German sense for perfection.

27. Product manager Horst Fausel gets out some of the old silk screen stencils.

28. Coronarama - Corona II and III, Panther and Classic

29. R&D manager Matthias Keller, pu, product manager Horst Fausel

30. R&D manager Matthias Keller picking a tune

31. Product manager Horst Fausel on a Corona III. Most of the Hohner workers are active musicians.

32. The Hohner design team, left to right: Matthias Keller, Alfred Vinzenz, Dominik Haug,
Natalia Erik, Walter Rostan, Dirk Bippus, Gerhard Czerny, Peter Thïmmel, The Hai Nguyen

33. In the evening Horst Fausel and Matthias Keller took me to the rehearsal of the
"Hohner Akkordeon Orchester 1927". Many Hohner workers play in this orchestra.

34. Master builder Gerhard Herbach
in the third accordion chair with his Hohner Genius, an instrument he built himself.
"It is a real luxury to play an instrument you have built yourself", he told me.

35. R&D manager Matthias Keller plays first accordion in the orchestra with his Hohner Morino.

Peter Unbehauen, Hamburg, Alemania

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Gracias estas fotos estan muy bien. muy interesantes


Cesar Cordova Grupo Rivales Hermosillo Sonora

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Very interesting tour, Peter.  I wish I could visit Germany just to buy me an accordion.


thanks a lot.

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Did anyone else drool over the pics that showed all the accordions????!!!!!!


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Amazing.  Thank you for for sharing this with us, and thank your for your valuable contributions to this forum.  This was very interesting to read and view.


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-- Albert Einstein

"Knowledge is learning something everyday. Wisdom is letting go of something everyday."
-Zen Proverb

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Wow! Fantastic photos, Peter.  Thanks for posting them here.

Let's Polka - An Accordion Blog

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Great photos... thanks for sharing...

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Does anybody knows what is the Hohner company name in China and where is located? I mean the one that built the panther and corona II accordions.

Adrian Castillo H.

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WOW! Amazing pics. Thanks for the post.

Roy Sanchez
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Awesome Tour Pictures as usual!!!


Pu, this pictures are so great for all the members on this side of the pond that might never be able to make it over there to visit such a world class facility.


I can't thank you enough for your great contribution to the forum and your great effort to document the history of the diatonic accordion.


My hat goes off to you PU!!!


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pU i got a question for you. I've seen vallenato players that have corona III accordions with the hohner corona II classic body, wooden key board, fancy bass side straps, and double strap holders. Were are those made?


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The older Corona III sport wooden keyboards.  The new Corona III's have plastic keyboards.  Almost all Corona III's come in red celuloid, however there are some that come in other colors such as black, white, blue etc.  These are harder to find of course.  If the accordions you see sport a wooden keyboard and in color...most likely Hohner did not make it like that, it was customized post production.  Hope this helps bro.  I'm currently playing a black III 5 letras...bacano

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cool! muy interesante@!

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thanks pU, i have ordered already a Hohner Nova 96, it should be here in 2 weeks, i have now even more hope, because you say there is a german team over in china frenquently to remain quality...thanks!


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Excelente soy acordeonista pero me gusta mucho conocer acerca de como se fabrica....GRACIAS POR LAS FOTOS SALUDOS!!!

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Wow! Thank you so much for that awesome educational experience. As an owner of a German made hohner, it makes me feel special to know that every instrument that exits that factory has been given personal attention and a personal touch.  Muchas Gracias!


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Best tour I've ever been on!

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I am a wood carver and painter (art) and I love trying to play the accordion.
My question is to you and your friends at the factory is, the key board where the machinery
is put on and where the grill is, can it be changed?
I want to carve a new kind of key board and grill but I am concerned that by doing this that it might change
the sound that comes from the accordion. I also want to change the shape of where the base keys go.
I don't want to nor intend to show any disrespect the tradition of the accordion.
Have you guys ever tried to change the outer shape of the box?
I would one day like to build an accordion or two, one in the traditional hohner way and one in
my non-traditional yet respectful way.
Hope to here from you soon and I hope the e-mail finds you well.
Ector Garcia  

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hi guys and gals.
my first post here on this woderful website,and because the giovanni gola story i have to write this for you all.
i have a dallape 5/5 reeds double tone chamber from around 1950,piano keyboard,with musette on demand,and about 29 diffrent combinations of registers and the weight is only 24.3 lbs.
couple of weeks ago i wanted to change couple of leathers on the bassoon block and after i opened the accordion i discovered the signature of [ giovanni gola ] inside on the wall of the chamber,i contacted dallape in italy and i got an email from mr dallape telling me that giovanni gola is the best tuner they had,and indeed he was the one who designed and tuned the accordion that i have, which is called mariano after the founder of the dallape company,i am so happy to know who built my accordion,actualy i am going nutts over this. cheers and love to all accordion players.

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I cant imagine the feeling of walking thru that warehouse full of accordions! Like a kid in a candy store!

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