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Hey everyone, 
I have a question, to all the techs on the board.

I have a brand new (1 month old) Anacleto Rey Del Norte IIIS I bought at Alamo Music Center (AMC)San Antonio, doesn't have more than a couple of hours of practice time on it.

A couple of weeks ago started noticing a vibration on F# when the Basson switch is on, that slowly turned into a F# that dies out if you pull hard enough.  Took it back to AMC, sent it to their contracted tech, two weeks later, get it back, tested it out in the store, was fine brought it back, the F# sounded exactly the same.  Called AMC, they didnt want to deal with it, gave me the techs number to talk to.

Taking back to the tech directly, don't want to deal with AMC, I know they did their due diligence, but I'd rather deal with the tech directly.  Won't be till a couple of weeks till I get out there, I'm from Austin.

I am not messing with this one.  My Coronas and Panthers, I will open up swap, adjust etc, but not this one.

Here is a video, has anyone ever had this happened before? On a new Anacleto or similar?  Kinda disappointed the whole situation.  I would expect with the amount of $$$$ you lay down for these you would not have these issues.

Anyhow here is the video:


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I also want to mention it does not do this all the time, sometimes it plays perfectly fine, others it sounds like this.

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Whats happening is the reed tongue is barely off of alignment and is catching the slot in the reed plate and buzzing as it vibrates through it. The harder or softer you pull the bellows can affect if it happens or not. That's why it happens here or there and not always.

But, luckily it's an easy adjustment for a good accordion tech, nothing crazy. In Austin, there's a guy named Richard who works on accordions. His site is, there should be a phone number to call him there. 

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Thanks Mike,
That makes sense, When I lean back in my chair and play, it plays perfect, when I lean forward or stand up buzzing happens again.  The issue is so minuscule, but its gotta get fixed.

I decided to open it up, everything looks solid, reeds look beautiful, mechanisms work great. 

I am taking it to Paul Martinez in San Antonio tomorrow, he said he would take care of it, he is AMC's tech and its still under warranty so AMC is covering the repair.   


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An update, took the box in to Paul Martinez in San Antonio, and he replaced a reed, turns out the reed, as el_mero_cantu mentioned was rubbing up against reed plate.  A quick one hour fix.  Box sounds as good as new, actually a month and half old.
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