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I searched around the forum and didn't see any posts regarding bass amp types for Bajo Sexto.  What is the general concensus; do you guys like tube or solid state bass amps to play your bajo through?  I think solid state would have a cleaner sound than tube which I would think would be better for acoustic instruments when distortion/overdrive isn't desired.  What do you guys think?

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My thoughts exactly.  Bass cabinets with 10' drivers and a solid state amp sound great with a good well tuned Bajo.  That type of amp will really bring out the big strings without sounding thin and rubbery.

Nowadays there are so many choices.  I like the Genz-Benz Shuttles for their big sound in a little package.  The Mark Bass stuff is awesome.  I personally own SWR stuff, but it seems that they've been mothballed ever since Fender bought them.  There are no shortage of choices though.  My advice as always is to take your Bajo to a music store and try them all.  Buy the one that inspires you and gives you the sound that helps you play your best.


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fender frontman 212 100 watts and dearmond pickup freakin awsome!!!
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I own a Peavey 210 Combo wirh 2 10 inch drivers and a tweeter and boy does in reproduce the bajo sexto/quinto sound beautifully.  I have to agree bass amps make excellent bajo amps
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Friends y flota bajo sextera y bajoquintista,
If your answer is "no" they I will advise you to get it. This is the best preamp/D.I. for your bajo.
Lets faced, we need a good tone and easy setup when the bajo sexto/quinto is amplified.
Finally something easy and with a great tone. 
google it and see for yourself the reviews of the Red Eye and the twin preamp/D.I. 
I love mine  
I'm a dealer of the know famous RED EYE preamplifier/D.I. 
It was design for acoustic instruments. And the Bajo Quinto/sexto sounds so good (de verdad, suena super bien cuando pasa por el Red Eye) 

Give it a try on your bajo quinto or sexto. You willl be happy, I guarantee it
Did I mention that this preamp is incredible, and so simple to use?

You will not believe what this small pedal preampand D.I. box can make for your bajo sound. I can put one in your hands at a very reasonable price.
I bet it will sound amazing on accordion too. 
Just send me a private massage and ask me all the questions you could have. Pero en serio compas, es para quedarse de boca abierta.
El sonido es mucho mas potente y con muy buen punch y claridad. funciona con passive y active pickups. simple de usar y cabe en cualquier estuche.
fabricado a mano en Austin Texas USA. 
3 modelos para escoger. 

Let me know


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A tube amp tends to give you a "warmer" tone and should not cause distortion unless you are pushing it hard. Tube amps tend to make accordions sound less "metallic" too.
I agree with using a bass amp since a regular guitar amp can deal with the lows that well and they just drop out.

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