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My bajo quinto is tuned normal and perfectly in tune. But when I place my finger on just the low A & low D strings, they sound a little higher than the note they’re supposed to be. It’s just the low A & low D strings, the higher strings from the pairs are fine and stay in tune when I press down on the fret. Any ideas on what the problem is and how to fix it?

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The gauge/thickness of the strings impacts the intonation of the strings in relation to the frets. Have you even seen an acoustic guitar have a slanted bridge? Same idea applies here. Since most bajo bridges are straight, the lower strings sound a tiny bit higher in pitch when fretted even though they are perfectly in tune open. 

In my experience I've gotten used to tuning those a tiny bit down open so they are in tune (for the most part) when fretted. For me the only song it sticks out a bit is the intro to "Sueña" by Intocable. 
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