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Hey whats up. I barely started out playing bass not to long ago so I am pretty much starting from the bottom. I never played guitar so as for tuning it I am not sure even how to go about it. I went and got myself a 4 string Ibanez bass to start learning. I was wondering what tuning it should be in for Musica Norteña? Also when buying strings for it, what gauge size should I put on it? Does matter? Someone please explain, I'd appreciate the help. Thank you!

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The (your) 4 string bass has the same strings as the 4 thicker strings on a guitar. The thickest one is an E, The next one down towards the floor is an A, the next one down is a D and one closest to the floor is a G THUS E A D and G. buy your self a tuner about 15-20 dollars. Most clip on electronic tuners work for basses , guitar, bajosextos/quintos etc... If you have access to you tube there are plenty of video tutorials for learning to play the bass. The normal tuning in western music which includes Norteno is 440. This means that when any particular string is struck or picked it will vibrate 440 times per second. Again most electronic tuners have a display for this. Some people like to tune their instruments sharp or up a little maybe to 441 or 442. They say that it makes their bajo or guitar sound a little different giving them a distinct sound. While learning I recommend use the normal 440 tuning. Hope this helps and dale shine! P.s strings are a personal choice-thicker strings produce a lower sound- thinner strings produce a more treble sound. What do or the band want ? Experiment with your sound. Keep in mind that bass strings are expensive!! Also the bajosexto/quinto and accordion are all tuned the same. From what I understand most accordions come tuned ready to play and fit in a Norteno band without and other adjustments.
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Hey thank you very much for your help! Great and helpful information. I appreciate it
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