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I know that the higher notes (when tuning two reeds) on the accordion have to be tuned a little less sharp than the lower notes, but exactly how much? Is there a math or equation behind it? I conducted an experiment and found that if I tune C5 (with two reeds): 1 at 440 and the other 6 cents sharp, then the next octave C6 should be tuned: 1 at 440 and the other 3 cents sharp in order to obtain equal amount of beats per second, or tremolo. So for every octave i go up, i cut the amount of cents in two. Can anyone prove this theory? Am I right?
Joel vasquez

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I've had a Dirk's Tuning software and have never used it, but default settings are set as at C4 at 20 cents, C6 at 13 cents. It uses beatings, which by what I  can see, is the difference between the readings you get when you check the reading of the cents you get on the clarinet reed and the violin reed. The divide by 2  theory does not apply on this software. I do like the idea of seeing the readings of the reeds without opening your accordion. You still have to open your box to make the corrections. It does calculate by interpolation the correction you need to set your reeds at if you go A440 or other. The basic version just sees the 2 reeds that play on a basic diatonic box or when 2 reeds play at same time. If you tune in hertz to have a consistent beats per second across the keyboard your conclusion seems to make sense. I'm about to tune a 2 reed Hohner and see the end result. I do use the Peterson tuner off my iPhone and iPad Pro but it puts a drain on my battery close to the end of the tuning process.

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The easiest way to get the desired beats per second is to use the frequency of the note.
You will need a tuner that displays the Hertz frequency of each note
For example C4 = 261.63 Hz @440.
Tune one reed to 261.63 Hz@440 and then tune the other sharp to 264.63hz@440 will give you 3 beats per second tremelo.
The more or less you add will give you the desired beats per second.
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