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I took the liberty of slowing down a song in BestPractice and in SlowGold to show the difference between both.

Both were slowed down to 20% speed because thats the minimun speed that BestPractice can achieve but SlowGold can go down to 5%.  The BP song comes out with "aliasing" or distortions while the SG is clean.

The only thing that BestPractice has going for itself is that it's free.  Slowgold costs around $50.00 but it's a lot cheaper than an accordion teacher LOL.  With the exception of a few tips and tricks from others, this program is what taught me how to play the accordion.

If you leave me your email, I will gladly send you both files to compare.


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Hey, I was wondering if you could show me where I could get slowgold. And also, how does slowgold help you learn the songs? Thanks - Rogelio
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