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As a terrible non native Spanish speaker, is the song "Tres Piedritas" about a man/woman's secret affair OR about someone's professions of love and wanting to get married?
Does "3 piedritas" mean a diamond ring or a new family? 馃憠Thnx so much..

Ten mi retrato y este anillito de tres piedritas, porque me voy
Es un regalo que yo te traigo y no te olvides, que te amo yo

Las despedidas siempre son tristes siempre hay abrazos,
llanto y dolor
Pero el destino, marca el camino, de nuestras vidas,
no hay salvaci贸n

Dice el refr谩n que cuando hay amor,
donde como uno comen los dos
Y que en un catre por muy peque帽o, si cabe uno caben los dos

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First line basically says- here is  my picture and this small ring with three rocks/diamonds because I am leaving. 
It is a gift that I bring to you so that you don't forget that I love you.

second line- Farewells are always sad with hugs, crying and pain
our destiny marks our paths and our lives, there is no salvation.

third line- the saying goes that where there is love there is always room for two/both 
and that in a bed no matter how small there is room for two/both

*** there is always something lost when translating from on language to another. Hope this helps. Ram Flores [biggrin]

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Hello Ramiro ! Sorry for the late reply.. Things have been crazy lately. I get what your trying to tell me about the translation.. It can't be a literal translation to Eng. After your help It's it more understandable .. The perfect life doesn't exist is what I get from it... Thanks a million. 

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