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The three new models, all
created within the last year:

El Rey del Vallenato, Compadre
& Corona Supreme.

Glenn Allessi giving his comments on the Corona Supreme. Background: Thomas Trapp and Natalia Erik, constructors of all recent new

accordion models.

Ekkehart Stetter,
head of the tuning department, playing a polka on the vallenato

Hohner product manager
Horst Fausel & Glenn Allessi

R&D manager Matthias

The Corona Supreme in FBbEb

The prototype of
the pearl white instrument had chrome parts, but by now all
three models: black, red & white, have gold parts. Only
150 will be made.

The compadre, your

As you can see - we
had a lot of fun testing the new instruments


The man in charge
of the development process: product manager Horst Fausel

In search of the inventor
of the Corona: Peter Thümmel goes through the archives for the
unknown genius, which designed one of the best sounding instruments
of the world.

Hohner poster in the entrance
of the factory. Flaco Jimenez is flanked by Larry Adler & John

At the entrance of Hohner:
Glenn Allessi, on the wall: Pacho Rada.

Peter Unbehauen, Hamburg, Alemania

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Wow, thanks for the pics! Question: how do you go about getting a tour of the Hohner factory?


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