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Ole Trevino y Los Imposibles with Special Guest Juan Antonio Tapia

Why: To Preserve and Promote the Tradition of Conjunto Music
Cost: $5 suggested donation at the door

The Chicken Club is a tongue-in-cheek name of a group of Conjunto musicians who gather weekly for informal jam sessions in Laureles, Tx. They are roots musicians who have been practitioners of our regional folk music for many years, in many cases since childhood, but rarely receive the recognition commensurate to their experience and talent. 

In its capacity of preserving and advancing the rich cultural heritage of the Mexican American community through the arts, for nearly 24 years the Narciso Martinez Cultural Arts Center has served as a liaison, advocate and promoter for local folk musicians and artists. The Center takes this opportunity to bring value to these musicians who keep a border tradition alive, educate the community, find venues for these musicians, and further package the cultural offerings of our region for the continued development of cultural tourism.

The Chicken Club musicians meet weekly to share Conjunto music, but most importantly to share their comradeship. The Chicken Club is not an organization, i.e., a nonprofit organization with by-laws or a formal structure; however it does have some simple rules. The gathering will consist of bar-b-cuing chicken leg quarters, drinks, and music. The other rule is that those that attend Chicken Club gatherings must participate either by singing, playing an instrument, or holding conversations with the guests. The key is participation. The most important aspect of the Chicken Club gatherings is that arguments of any kind are not tolerated. Anyone who does engage in an argument will not be invited again. The core value of the Chicken Club is to provide a space where people can share conversation and music amongst one another. It is very therapeutic and a whole lot of fun.

The Chicken Club will host 3rd Thursday “Conjunto Nites at the Chicho” through October 15, 2015. While the sharing of music and conversation will continue at the Narciso Martinez Cultural Arts Center each 3rd Thursday of the month, the bar-b-cuing will not take place, instead light refreshments and food will be served A $5.00 suggested donation at the door.

*For information contact Soledad Nunez at 956-244-0373. 
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