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Here are two YouTube videos from the same Los Lobos concert, 3/27/87.  Hidalgo plays 2 different accordions, each a Hohner Corona II.

On Our Last Night, which is in the key of C, he plays the red accordion.  On Let's Say Goodnight, which is in the key of G, he plays the black accordion.

Which key is each accordion?  If it helps, I have read or seen an interview with Hidalgo where he says that he learned to play "wrong", that is, with lots of push and pull, instead of mostly on the pull as a lot of modern players do.

Our Last Night:

Let's Say Goodnight:

Thank you!

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Now that I have watched these more closely, it looks like on Our Last Night he is playing in the push position on the center row.  So since that song is in C, for it to be in push on the center row, it would have to be a GCF accordion, right?

On Let's Say Goodnight, it looks like he is playing in the pull position on the center row.  Since that song is in G, for it to be in pull on the center row it would have to be ... another GCF accordion?

Now I'm even more confused.  I had assumed that these two accordions were different keys.  Why else would you use two accordions?  Why would he play two different GCF accordions in the same set??

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Ron, I am guessing here because I have been playing for just a little over a year. The first song is in the key of "C" Major as I played the chords along with the song on my GCF accordion. The second song is in the key of G on a GCF accordion as I played the chords along with the song on my GCF accordion, the second accordion has a different tuning, maybe closer to Zydeco style or a Steve Jordan sound. Just my unprofessional guess. Hope this helps your amigo de foro Ram Flores. As far as the push and pull I don't think there is a right or wrong. I have read that most of Conjunto and Norteno is played pulling out. The pushing in, in my opinion not only allows one to better know their instrument but gives it some sabor/flavor to the music.
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