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Buenas tardes Maestro Aguillon, hay algun metodo para detectar las fugas???

Como reparo las fugas del fuelle y las fugas de las zapatas

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se detectan al oido

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If you can find a old doctor's stethoscope and remove the round piece that's on the end, run it alongside the bellows where it connects to the accordion reed part while you close the bellows.  I've even used a length of slingshot rubber tube and done the same thing. You need to somehow attach the tube close to your ear so you can hear the air leak.   Do the same action after you remove the grill and sometimes you can hear air coming from the sides of the sound holes.  Also moisten the back of your hand or fingers on your right hand and run it along the bellows edges while you push in the bellows. You can feel the leaks sometimes like that,
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