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in order to dry tune an accordion on one side of the reed block the reed needs to be larger on one side and smaller on the other?
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Hi Keith, don;t know much about tunings  but I saw your Reyes Accordion pic. Very cool! What type of music do you guys play and do you have a web page? 
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Dry tuning involves one reed,for example, (Clarinet)being tuned to A440 and the opposite reed to A440. I would rather tune the opposite a couple of cents or more above A440 so you can get a little volume.  I have found that if you tune the two reeds the same you lose volume and you kind get the urge to really push and pull harder on your bellows and your reeds might not last too long.  BTW, going to your original question, the reeds are the same except for the difference in the cents setting.
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