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Score this bajo (1- 5, five being excellent) and give us your opinion as well.


(1) Quality

(2) Sound

(3) Design

(4) Price

(5) Customer service provided


Anote esta marca de fábrica del bajo (1- 5, cinco es excelente) y dénos su opinión también.


(1) calidad

(2) sonido

(3) diseño

(4) Precio

(5) Servico al cliente


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(4) Quality - Good, typical handmade quality, worth the money spent.

(4) Sound - Not as deep or bold as a Macias or Reyes, but good original bajo sound, not twangy or twingy like mass produced bajos.

(4) Design - They're designs are original in their own right and not too flashy.

(4) Price - Very reasonable and fair for and handmade instrument.

(5) Customer service provided - I don't know how to rate this as i did not buy it directly from Guerrero, I got mine @ Melhartz, they have great customer service, don't know if that counts.


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(4) Quality - Good, typical handmade quality,nice

workmanship, smooth finish, good detailing,good


(4) Sound -  Good original bajo sound, not twangy   or twingy

(4) Design - Very good looking design.

( ) Price - n/a I bought mine used

( ) Customer service provided - n/a

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I own 4 of these bad boys, 1 Sexto and 3 Quintos.


So let’s do the Bajo Sexto:


Quality = 2, There is no real craftsmanship. It is built to play. It has a bad finish, bad sanding and in general it seems like an amateur was in charge of the details. This is especially apparent around the sound hole.


Sound = 4, It has a great sound.



Design = 2.5, the action is a little high and everything else that is wrong with it (design wise) goes back to quality.


Price = 2, I paid too much ($850) in 1996, It was my first Bajo, what can I say except, it got me into conjunto.


Customer Service = Does not exists as far as I know



Now the Bajo Quintos:


Quality = 3, Like the Sexto, there is no real craftsmanship but it is a little better.


Sound = 3.5, It has an ok sound if you get an E.Q. to help you. It also can pass if you can find the right combination of mics in a studio environment


Design = 3.5, the action is better; again, quality is the bigger issue.


Price = 5, I bought them directly from Marcos, 1997-1998, I used to sell them to music stores around Las Cruces where they would sell for about $800. Does anyone know how much a new one sells for these days?


Customer Service = Does not exists as far as I know/No Warranty was ever expressed and I never had to send any Bajo’s back.


All in All, I am happy with the Bajos because they are reliable. Like I said, they are built to be played. They are not but you can gig for years without worrying about the integrity of the Bajo. These Bajos are a great back up to my Macias.  



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well i had mine for about 6 years.

quality.. 4.  it has a good guzano all around.

sound 5

design 3 the mechanism is good... but the strings sit kind of high

price 4..  affordable quality

customer service n/a


It's not as good as a "ROBLES BAJO Sexto" but for half the price it's worth it.


I will have to say that it is defenetly better all around then all of the Gabbanelli bajos I have seen and tried..



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Hey can someone tell me where I can buy one of these bajos or a website to got to please thanks please email me @

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I purchased a Guerrero back in the early '90s though sold it in the late '90s; my review is from memory.

Quality - Rate it a 4 because it was made with a good quality wood.

Sound - Rating it with a 3 because I could never get a good sound out of it after trying many brands of strings.

Design - I'll rate it with a 3 because the neck seemed bigger & thicker than an average neck for a bajo.

Price - 4 would be rate on the price which was about $690 including the case.

Customer Service - I purchased it from retailer at a bazzar; he had good customer service.


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not worth the price...

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necesito alguien que me ayude, tengo un bajosexto guerrero caja delgada y lo quiero vender porque no lo uso, yo toco acordeon, quisiera saber como cuanto puedo pedir por el, esta en buenas condiciones, gracias

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I own one Guerrero bajo sexto. Ive had it since 1990. It was cracked at the jack mount(my mistake) Gus Escobar fixed it. I leave mine tuned ALL THE TIME its my practice bajo. Action is very low, Other than the cosmetics not looking to hot. Id say its about a 4 overall. Like most comments, It is a bajo made to play....
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