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When Hohner was celebrating its 100th Anniversary (52 years ago), Hohner commissioned this 3" commemorative bronze medal made by the Medallic Art Company that was located in New York at the time. In 1957, Hohner's main office was located in New York, NY. These medals were presented to distributors (?) and there is no record on how many were made. I contacted the Medallic Art Company now located in NV, and they found the old dies from 1957. They don't know how many were made but they did state that a key chain was also made.  This one was presented to Sol Levy. (Medallic Art Co has been around for 100 years)

After some research, an employee at Hohner who has been with the company for forty years, thought that he remembered the name. He made a few calls and sure enough, he spoke to the grandson of Sol Levy. Apparently Mr. Levy founded the National Wholesale Company out of Baltimore back in the 1920s. He was a good friend of the Hohner family. According to Mr. Levy's grandson, right at the start of WWII, his grandfather was in Germany purchasing harmonicas. Hohner was so concerned with Mr. Levy's safety, that they drove him to the airport to make sure he got on the plane including the merchandise that he purchased. Right after this, Hohner stopped manufacturing harmonicas due to the war effort, and Mr. Levy found himself to be the only distributor in the US to have harmonicas in stock. He was very concerned about this, and eventually had the harmonicas locked up in a walk-in safe. I had the recent fortune of purchasing this medal, and I will be displaying it at the Hohner facility in Glen Allen, Virginia.

Hohner Factory Courtyard 1951 Trossingen, Germany - LR:  Ernest Hohner, Sol Levy (Baltimore), Dr. Karl Hohner, and Walter Hohner

A gentleman from Georgia who was getting rid of his harmonica collection sold this to me.

Hohner Factory Courtyard 2008 Trossingen, Germany - Gilbert and Horst Fausel (accordion product mgr)



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GILBERT, a great tribute, thanks for sharing. You are planing on restoring and making more. If so, for what purpose. If you are planning on selling them, please put me ahead of the list for one, lol...
You are truly dedicated to your love of music. Truly deserve your involvement in such a worthy cause; that of keeping our music alive. I commend you and am glad am part of your great innovation.
I am serious about my request.

May He Bless you/your family and keep your enthusiasm for our great music and the instruments responsible for such great sound. Take care of yourself/your family...a great fan, Chuco        


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Indeed a very interesting piece of history you have there.   Gilbert, maybe you have German blood since you are always either hanging around with the Germans or traveling to Germany.  I hear you will be in Mexico with a very important German family.  Please share some details when you get back.



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I had not realized that you are standing in the same place where the Hohner family was standing back in the 50s. Amazing since I am sure that statue of Matthias has been there for a long time and all of the gentlemen standing in the courtyard are no longer with us.  I guess it is your turn to make history Gil.
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