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From: Ben Mendez []
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2008 8:39 AM
To: Galvan, Dolores
Subject: Invite to Press Conference Regarding "Go Tejano Day" at the

You are invited to attend a press conference to be held by the Houston
chapter of VIVE Tejano, Inc. at 11 am, Tuesday, February 26th, at the
University of Houston, University Center Building, Mediterranean Room
(Rm. 91). The press conference will be attended by Little Joe, Roberto
Pulido, Ruben Ramos, Jay Perez, La Fiebre, and State Senator Gonzalo

This year, Houston Rodeo officials have chosen to take Tejano music off
of the main stage effectively taking the Tejano out of "Go Tejano Day."

Issues to be addressed at press conference are as follows:

1. Award greater number of scholarships to Hispanics.  Only a few
scholarships are awarded to Hispanics.
2. Need Hispanic representation at the Executive Committee Level of the
rodeo's governing group.  Currently, Hispanics do not have
3. Retain event title as "Go Tejano Day", while building greater
awareness of Tejano music & culture.
4. Expand role of "Go Tejano Committee" in the entertainment selection
process.  The Go Tejano Committee has no role in selecting bands to
5. Pay parity for Tejano music artists.  Tejano artists are paid much
much less than the other non-Hispanic artists.  Yet, the Tejano artists
have broken numerous attendance records.
6. Increase Hispanic themed days/events at the Houston Rodeo.

A concert in support of this cause will be held on Sunday, March 9, 2pm
to 6pm, at a venue to be announced later.

If you wish to participate in this press conference, please respond to
this email.


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this should be very interesting....

Some people see the glass half empty, other see it half full. The truth is, there is no glass.

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I was in Hawaii for 4 years an when I returned home to Houston, I was in shock to find that the Radio stations played no more Tejano! I hope someone speaks on the issue!


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Orale Raza, it's time to be heard.  Lets all support la cauza and get behind the Houston Rodeo Boycott this year.

The fact is that we deserve more than 1 day, give us a Tejano Day (with at least 1 true Tejano artist taking center stage) and another day or 2, hell how about a Go Tejano weekend  offering Tejano and other music genres such as Norteno/ Cumbia/ Bachata/Reggaeton...

Not including Tejano music at the Rodeo is like not having Country music perfomers anymore for our Anglo American counterparts.  Tejano music is a Texas grown tradition that is more than music, but a lifestyle and of great cultural significance just like Country music is. 

The Houston demographics are proof that we deserve to be heard! "In 2000, Whites make up 31% of the population, Hispanics 37%, and Blacks 25%."
Que viva la musica Tejana

It's A TX thing.

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good point compadre easyrod........having Duelo is ok since they are accordion music and still its kinda questionable if its a good choice for go tejano day but durangense music is a bad choice........they need to pick out groups that go with the event and texas music.......the press conference should be interesting and hopefully a learning lesson for the people in charge of the event for future events......

Arriba la musica de acordeon

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E-ROD      I`m  with  you  we  should  boycott  the  TEJANO  DAY  EVENT`S  even  the  one`s  taking  place   on  the  out  side  of  the  stadium  .
what  I  see  wrong  is  that  the  fund  raisers  they  have  for  the  GO  TEJANO  DAY.   consist  of  TEJANO  MUSIC  all  the  cookoffs   they  have  it`s  TEJANO BANDS   that  perform.  and  yet  they  passed  up  on  TEJANO  BANDS  .
                              -hit  on  them  ( rodeo )

                             PURO  CONJUNTO   Y   TEJANO  CARNAL

no ay nada mejor que puro conjunto tejano
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