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Score this bajo (1- 5, five being excellent) and give us your opinion as well.


(1) Quality

(2) Sound

(3) Design

(4) Price

(5) Customer service provided


Anote esta marca de fábrica del bajo (1- 5, cinco es excelente) y dénos su opinión también.


(1) calidad

(2) sonido

(3) diseño

(4) Precio

(5) Servico al cliente


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Quality- 3+ It is a very nice bajo. It is put together very well, but it does not have that handmade feel. Also, cut corners were cut, for example the bridge is very plain, like whats on a Lucida, the rope binding is painted, the nut and saddle are plastic. Purchased Dean Markleys and had to add Micas and looks and Sounds alot better. It is on the heavy side, and the wood feels kinda thick, because of this it does not resonate like most handmades. 


Sound- 3 while Using Dean Markley strings the tone is guitarish if thats a word.


Design- 2 I would have preferred a more traditional looking bajo, which even a Lonestar has. It resembles a Lucida, with different woods.


Price-4 $400 Comes with a built in EQ, fake abalone around soundhole and edge of body-head. 


Service- N/A            


Overall 3+ very good for an Intermediate/beginner



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Here is my review on a Jay Turser Bajo Sexto
Quality- 4 Ive had it for 3 yrs and the strings still low and have fast action due to having a reinforced steel neck, i dont have to worry about tuning down.
Sound- 4
Design- 4 Everyone seems to ask about the bajo sexto because they love the design     it has
  Price- 4 $800 For the quality, design and sound i would say the 800.00 price tag for the bajo sext was well worth it. And it was also used on the Masizzo live concert video it couldnt be that bad.

Overall 4+ I would recommend this bajo sexto to anyone of all ages.

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