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The Arhoolie Foundation has started a YouTube channel to upload videos of our Spanish Language 78s from our Frontera Collection. 

The Arhoolie Foundation’s Strachwitz Frontera Collection of Mexican American and Mexican Music (“Frontera Collection”) is probably the largest collection in the world with over 160,000 individual songs on 78s, 45s, LPs, cassettes, and reel to reel master tapes. Although the collection started with a focus on the border music of Texas and Mexico, and the majority of the music is from that region, it has been expanded to contain Spanish language music form all of North, South and Central America.

In the last two weeks we have uploaded over 1,700 sides and continue to upload more each day. There's lots of accordion music there and much more will be added! Some very historical stuff here, such as the earliest recordings by Los Algres de Teran, and the legendary accordionist Bruno Villareal.

We have started adding playlists, some curated, some not. We will have many more playlists as time goes by to help guide people through the collection. We add to these lists daily.

The search function is quite useful. If you search on a computer (searching within a channel is not available on a mobile device) from the YouTube Frontera Collection home page (the magnifying glass symbol to the right of the word “About”, not the big YouTube search bar at the top) it will only search the Frontera Collection channel. You enter anything in the search box such as matrix numbers, catalog numbers, labels, artists, title, subject matter (labor, immigration, politics, betrayal, etc.) or genre (corrido, ranchera, waltz, son jorocho, mariachi, boogie, etc..) It searches through all the data we put up and the tags, and finds the items quite instantly.

All the information about the recording is under the “show more” tab below the video.

We are currently working on the 78s (we've got over 34,000 songs), with a few 45s throw in.

Please check it out, subscribe to the YouTube Frontera Collection channel, and tell anyone who might be interested.


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Sampling it right now. Awesome site. Plenty of musical history for those aspiring to listen to the early pioneers . When utilizing the magnifying glass option mentioned  above just hit the enter key after entering you key words and all the related songs appear.

ramiro flores

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Try El Ciego de Melquiadas Rodriguez , the blind fiddler
Houston, Texas
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