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Hey people, so i went to a local show and i saw a norteno group , the bajosexto player was using q Marshall MG100HDFX Guitar Amp and it sounded amazing he had a fishman humbucker pickup( same one i have) and he recomended this amp , so i found one for a good price went ahead and bought it ,but i cannot get the same acoustic crisp sound he had,any advice? What Settings are right to equilize it etc? Its not a tube amp its a solid state amp...
Thank You!!!

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Were you able to see how he had it hooked up? What i've noticed about Marshall amps is that the sound from the amp isn't as clear or crisp as the sound it sends out from the line out output on the back of the amp  to your system. Especially when used with acoustic instruments.

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Yea, I would bet that he was going direct through a DI box into the PA, and the Marshall was basically his monitor on stage.

Most Marshalls are usually voiced for distorted guitar, but you can try and maximize the gain structure and see if you can clean it up a bit.  I'm not familiar with this particular amp, so bear with me.  It looks as though it has a few different channels...use the one designed for a "clean" tone.  Then put any EQ or tone controls at 12 o'clock...straight up and down.  If there is a master volume control, turn that up to about 1 o'clock.  Then slowly turn the gain up to where it's loud enough without distortion.  After that...if it sounds too dark, turn the bass/lows down.  If it doesn't have enough sparkle, try turning the mids down.  Only until you've tried taking out certain frequencies and it doesn't work, should you boost anything.  Maybe try adding a little highs if all else fails.

Give that a shot... let us know what you come up with.


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